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Following on from the discussion on Zotfile features (https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/70061/annotation-round-trip-with-file-formats-other-than-pdf-zotfile) - is there a Zotero "wish list" somewhere? We could have some community discussion around new features, and then see what's on the roadmap, and what needs more funding?

Zotero core features:
- duplicate saved searches
- folders for saved searches
- forward/back navigation

- documentation for javascript API

Zotero/Zutilo(?) features:
- copy/paste of more metadata

Zotfile feature:
- annotation extraction for other formats
- extracting PDF annotations with features (e.g. text + text of inline comment)

- Integration with google docs

Clearly this list could get out of hand in this thread :) If there's a place for this already, let's talk there. Or else start a Google Doc?
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    See this failed attempt at implementing / proposing something like it. The discussion in that thread is informative.

    Generally the Zotero devs have pushed back at anything that looks like a user-driven voting or priority system because Zotero development is not primarily driven by user demands, although it is certainly informed by it.

    Unlike back then, though, it's fairly easy now to keep up with Zotero development via github.
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    Hi Mark,

    thanks! I'm not suggesting that the list would inform priorities for the existing devs. It would be more of a case to say: This is on the road map (soon), but this is further away, or not on the roadmap at all - in which case we can try to organise implementation of the features independently, and make a pull request.

    Regarding github: My understanding is that direct posting of feature requests to github is discouraged?

    PS also did look at that thread, which was informative. Although also 8 years ago :)
  • What mark means is that you can use github to get a sense of what developers are working on right now, i.e. a short-term 1-3months roadmap. It's indeed not the place for feature requests.

    Of these, the javascript API _is_ documented pretty well: https://www.zotero.org/support/dev/client_coding/javascript_api it's just that there's no way to properly access it in Zotero 5 outside of writing add-ons.

    There's this as an overview. It's a bit old and a couple of items need updating, but mostly it's still accurate: https://www.zotero.org/support/requested_features
  • Ah, I see that's helpful!

    Regarding js - sorry I meant in Zotero 5, which you have answered, thanks! Would it be possible to build a plugin with the sole purpose to expose the JavaScript API for testing?

    Any thoughts on duplicating saved searches?
  • It would absolutely be possible to build such a plugin by e.g. trying to port Execute.js; I doubt this is going to come from the Zotero developers, since the javascript API always has been of limited use beyond the add-ons: you can't actually script for it properly, since you need to address it within the mozilla/Zotero framework. My understanding is that the Zotero hopes to expose a local API to the commandline that would allow proper scripting. I have no idea where that is on the roadmap, though.

    Duplicating saved searches should be trivially easy from a code point of view. I don't think it's been requested a lot and it does pose GUI issues, which is why I think it hasn't been implemented.
  • A command line API would be even better. The only reason I was interested in the js api is that it allows the creation of multiple items, and I occasionally need to create sets of items programatically.

    Why would a "duplicate" on the saved search be a GUI issue? I was imagining that the right-click menu simple has a "duplicate" in it (same as the right click on an item), that would duplicate the saved search. Or have I misunderstood?
  • Note that you already can use the server API for creating items. pyzotero is a great & easy to use python library for that, for example.

    GUI issues -- more questions than issues: there's always a concern with right-click menu overload (also because I'm not sure how the context menus do in terms of accessibility; I think they're hard to get to on a Mac with keyboard, e.g.) but also uniformity: we don't offer a duplicate option for collections -- should that exist or not? Should the duplicate option also exist in the form of a "save as" from the Saved Search edit? Or should it only exist there?

  • Amazing - thank you for that tip - I had not realised that the API was read/write, but it makes total sense (at least with hindsight!) - had a quick look at pyzotero, and it will solve - thank you!

    Points about UI appreciated too - doesn't look like pyzotero can create saved searches... :)
  • To add:
    - move between collections (rather than copy + then delete)
    - extract of date from PDF metadata (see other post)
  • You can move items between collection holding a key during drag -- Cmd on OS X, Shift on Windows/Linux
  • @adamsmith - thank you so much, very helpful to know!
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    Another one:
    - Ability to drag links from a web page onto a zotero item, to create attachments. E.g. here, https://creativecommons.org/2017/01/20/state-department-publishes-open-licensing-playbook-federal-agencies/, the connector gives me the blog post, but I then want to attach the two docs listed on the page.

    Additionally: "Save to Zotero" right click menu doesn't do anything (Chrome, OS X). So it would be great to have that too - I guess to create a new item, or ideally with an option: "Attach to selected item in Zotero" vs. "Save to Zotero as new item".

    (c.f. https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/70058/saving-a-link-on-a-page-to-zotero#latest)
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