Any plan to make an official app for android?

  • @qallunaat @gA2zx - In case they don't on f-droid you can download the aurora store, on the aurora store you can use the free google play repositories without installing google play or google play services.
  • @dstillman Will there be support for pens e.g. Onyx Boox Tab devices?
  • Yes please, considering boox and would love for it to support zotero
  • @dstillman i cannot wait for the android version. please and thank you.
  • Following - I hope the PDF reader and annotations are supported!
  • Pen support + eInk mode would be killer
  • I think it's safe to assume that at least medium-term, an Android App will be roughly feature parity with the iOS app. I don't think there's any way it wouldn't have PDF reader + annotations.
  • @adamsmith I hope so, pdf annotation with stylus support should be a must-have feature for Android tablet users.
  • Good news for adroid users,but is there a schedule to release adroid version?
  • Zotero never provides release schedules for new features
  • Eagerly awaiting this release. Just quick and open question for those involved. This is a subjective view of things, but it felt that android was not a high priority compared to ios. You would think that this program being open source has more adoption in countries where ios is less popular and so, it stands to reason that development for both platforms would be equally prioritized. The question is, why has it taken so much longer for the android version to be up and running?

    Im sure the developers have worked hard to make this a reality and I can only thank them for all they have done, as I have been a Zotero user for more than 10 years now. It would be nice to hear from them and their views, and if there were particular situations that made android development much harder/slower. Is not that ios' version was released and then, 6 months later, android's version came, as is the case with many apps. Whatever the reason, I'm sure is a good one. Thanks in a advance for any responses from dev's
  • You would think that this program being open source has more adoption in countries where ios is less popular and so, it stands to reason that development for both platforms would be equally prioritized.
    Going by Google Trends, Zotero is most popular in the US and France, so I don't think assumptions about FLOSS software being primarily used in resource poorer countries hold. iOS was a significantly more frequent request than Android and, likely more importantly, the vision for the mobile apps is principally tablet-oriented (e.g., with a focus on annotation), and the iPad just is the dominant tablet (with the MS Surface probably next in line, and that has always worked with Desktop Zotero).
  • I see...those are good points. Thanks for the comments!
  • @mrgerlo I think it's less relevant to regions or countries, nor ipad dominance in tablet market (given the fact some third party zotero android apps has been developed back in 2019 and one of them is still usable today yet somehow inconvenient for true reference management). the timeline sounds reasonable as the dev previously said it should be released in this year. for reference, the ios version is released on march, 2022 for early access and almost a half year later it's finally been usable for most users. now, the zotero team is busy with zotero 7, and so it should be quite exciting to see it be released by the end of this year without postponement. :)
  • Yes I agree that devs are busy with the new version of Zotero. I'm aware that my initial post could be seen as a complaint, however, I just wanted to have an open discussion, learn from the people close to the project and if possible, avoid blames or anything similar. I really appreciate the quality work that's been done and thanks for all the answers. I'm looking forward to test the new Android app and will wait for it as everyone else ;)
  • @dstillman I would be very interested in an update too on the Android app. Many thanks
  • Thank you so much for your effort on the to-be-launched Android app.
  • keep up the great work... another thrilled scholar awaiting for the app to be released..!!
  • Reading and annotating PDFs directly on my tablet in an official Zotero app... a scholar's dream!! Can't wait!
  • Thank you for your efforts. Eagerly awaiting the Android version...
  • Eagerly awaiting too...
  • I'm curious what the deadline is. I'm looking forward to the app's release as well!
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    Right now the development focus is clearly on Zenodo 7, so there probably won't be any progress on the Android app for a while. The first Z7 beta was announced on May 21st and the current pre-release is beta 47.

    Also, as far as I understand the Zenodo team doesn't publish its deadlines in order to avoid raising unrealistic expectations.

    But at some point in the future, yes, I'm convinced that an official Android version will happen, and I look forward to it :-)
  • (As for iOS, Android development happens largely in parallel with separate developers, so Z7 has limited impact. Zotero has said they hope to release a beta this yea, but yes, no Estas for major features)
  • @adamsmith thanks, good to know they work in parallel.
  • This is my most eagerly awaited thing ever, since this thread said the android release is happening this year. The year is almost over, and I cant contain my excitement! Any time now?
  • Zotero on Android would be much appreciated. Hope epub support makes its way to both iOS and Android over time. Can't wait for the day I do no longer have to do mental gymnastics as to which format the source is in, that I want to read, and if I have to take my iPad along with my Android phone, or also the laptop because it is an epub.
    Thanks so much for making Zotero great. The progress in version 7 is outstanding already.
  • +1 to an Android app. We're doing a lot of work in lower income countries where typically Android is dominant.
  • Does anyone have an update on this? I'm on Android 14 now, so can no longer use Zoo for Zotero as it hasn't been updated to support Android 14. I downloaded ZotEZ² and it seems well made, but features are locked behind a paywall. The paywall is a one-time low payment, but if the official app is right around the corner, I'd rather just save my money and wait.
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