Any plan to make an official app for android?

I've been used a third party app called zoo for zotero for years, but I'm still looking forward to the official app from zotero that should come with more basic features. Thank you.
  • Yes, it's under development.
  • Will it be available this year? Thanks.
  • Thank you!
  • I'm eagerly awaiting the Android app.

    I had a massive Stroke on 27th April last year which has left me with hemiplegia. So my right-hand side is paralysed. Which is somewhat inconvenient as I'm right-handed lol!

    The release of the app would be a boon to those of us who use tablets!

    If you want a beta tester then I'm your geek!
  • anI add my plea - so many students now use tablets rather than laptops. It would be such a blessing to be able to do this

  • The-Social-Hermit, sorry to hear that. I wish you all the possible recovery and readaptation. Mom had such a stroke years ago, life did change a lot but she got better with time.
    I am also hoping a lot for this Android version, and very excited to see that it's possible we get it this year!
  • So, from what I see, this part of Zotero is not in Github, right?
  • Zotero never puts pre-beta software in public github repos. They'll make the Android app source code public, typically when they release the beta.
  • I am also using zoo for years, and extremely pleased to learn that there is offical android version in development. We realy need it, badly. Cant wait for it.
  • Me too. Can't wait for using it on my tablet with s pen. Is there any public channel for us to receive some kind of reminder or alert of its beta release? Is it going to be published on play store, or GitHub only? Thanks.
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    I am a longtime (15 years) Zotero and Android user who will also be thrilled when Zotero for Android is available.
  • Glad to hear about the app under development. Also a 15 year Zotero and Android user. But haven't been able to really get into any of the third party apps. Cheers!
  • An official Zotero Android app? I'm really excited about that! Keep us posted!
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