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  • How can I keep to pdf's attached to same item with different names?

    I use zotfile to store all my pdf's in cloud. But when I add another attachment, it automatically renames it from parent meta-data, then I just get two pdf's named the same. If I change the name of the attechment in zotero, it does not reflect on the actual file in the cloud. is there a way to rename second attachemnts and keep that name on the actual file?
  • First, sorry for the typo in my question. It should read:

    I want to have TWO (different) pdf's under a single meta-data, using zotefile managing transferring linked file to my cloud.

    The first link that you've sent DOES NOT SOLVE my problem,

    I disabled zotero's renaming, I did not have the option use zotero to rename, and I even choose always ask for auto renaming.

    It does not help because when I put the pdf that I want to attach to my zotfile source folder and right click the meta-data to select zotfile's [attach new file] option, it asks me whether I want to attach and RENAME it. If I click cancel it does not attach, if I click yes it attaches and RENAMES according to parent item. I need an option where those two steps are separated.
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  • OK, closing this thread.

    Please start new threads for ZotFile-related issues. Be sure to include "ZotFile" in your issue summary in the thread title.
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