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  • Yes, I checked it now again. When I copy the file from the mounted webdav I have the annotations, but not using 'Get from Tablet'. Thanks!
  • Hi, me again... what is different compared to before is that there are no items in the "Tablet Files (modified)" Search folder anymore. This is now completely empty.

    Though, when I open the search folder before I mount the webdav directory I get error messages, which say that the files in the webdav files are not available.
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    Another information:
    The "Modification Date" in the explorer does not seem to change after ading annotations. In addition it has the exact same time as for the original file, which is still in the local zotfile directory; only the size is slighly larger.
    Could this be the problem for zotfile as it thinks the file did not get modified?
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    Hi. I think Zotfile is just what I need, but it doesn't seem to do what I think it does, so seeking some clarity here.

    Use the Firefox plugin. The Zotero entry is recorded and the PDF downloaded and placed in Zotero storage accordingly.

    Go to Zotfile General Settings. Did nothing in there except set Customer Location to /Users/Bob/deletemetest

    Now use the Firefox plugin. And nothing happens. No entry in Zotero, and no files put anywhere that I can see.

    Any and all help most welcome. Thanks in advance.

    Zotero 5.0.60
    Zotfile 5.0.9
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