Renaming (via F2 key) individual attachments of an item

For certain library items (papers), it's very relevant how each of the PDF attachment is named, and custom names can be heflpul, e.g. SupplMat_v1.PDF, revision_v2.PDF etc. While I wouldn't want to have to turn off the auto renaming as per metadata feature, I _would_ appreciate being able to easily rename the various PDFs of an item.

Currently this seems to not be possible in Zotero (as of the latest update). The most intuitive & easy way would be to enable an F2 keyboard shortcut that does renaming of the attachment that the cursor is on.
  • You can currently rename individual attachments by clicking on the attachment title in the item details pane on the right.
  • Ah yes - still useful. Thanks!
  • If you use the Zotfile add-on with the settings below, a PDF file that is indirectly downloaded through the main journal page will be renamed, while the file name is preserved if you open the PDF in the browser before importing. E.g., when importing from here and here. File names are also preserved when manually dragging a PDF to Zotero.

    A) Zotero: "Edit" -> "Preferences" -> "General" :
    No check mark for "Automatically rename attachment using parent metadata".

    B) Zotfile: "Tools" -> "ZotFile Preferences..." -> "Renaming Rules" :
    No check mark for "Use Zotero to Rename".

    C) Zotfile: "Tools" -> "ZotFile Preferences..." -> "Advanced Settings" -> "Automatically rename new attachments" :
    Enable this, e.g. by selecting "Only ask if item has other atts".

    You could also use the Zutilo add-on, which provides keyboard shortcuts for Zotfile that allow triggering the renaming function.
  • very nice that such tools exist, thanks!!
  • I'd love F2 for renaming the title of an item
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