Changes to fields and item types for Zotero 5.1

  • For Artwork: let's continue here:
    Map is here:
    For Patents: not sure there. Looks quite rare, but we could discuss that on the patent ticket at
    If it's added to Zotero, original-date would be the obvious choice on the CSL side, as Rintze says in that thread.
  • Is there already a place to discuss the possibility of adding citation-label?
  • yup, that's already on the list:
  • This is probably known enough already, but just for the record: out of necessity, I've constructed a registry of world courts, to support the Jurisdiction field in MLZ. There is no other source for this information (honest - I checked with a friend in the legal department of the World Bank and everything), this is what we have for a standard reference list of identifiers.

    Identifiers turn out to be the golden key for getting legal referencing to work at scale (i.e. with lots of styles). It seems like a daunting layer of complexity, but it actually simplifies things a great deal.

    As between multilingual and legal support, legal support would be the easier of the two to introduce: the volume of code and the impact on the Zotero codebase is much smaller. The jurisdiction field is the main hurdle, and the code for that has been worked out reasonably well.
  • Chiming in to support some way to support report chapters or sections. The USGS generates many of these kinds of reports, and the chapters are often cited individually:

    Here is one example of a multi-chaptered report that I would like to be able to support more effectively:
  • I'm referencing here two requests for new fields, that I've posted about elsewhere in the Zotero forums:
  • So, with 5.0 around the bend, any news on new fields (with a special interest in my case for a field that could hold the citation key)?
  • Before field update role out, all 4.x clients need to be cut off from syncing, so that was always going to be a bit after 5.0 rolls out, but my understanding is that it's the main priority for the non-minor release following, i.e. 5.1
  • Yep, that's the priority once Zotero 5.0 has been out for a few months and we can turn off sync for Zotero 4.0.
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    As it seems this thread is still active, I would propose one change to an item type: in the current zotero version, a thesis can't have a doi. This seems to be outdated - at least in the German university system, most thesis get a doi - so it would be great to have this field active in the "thesis" item type.
  • we'll be adding DOIs to all item types -- given how much their use is spreading (e.g. with people putting all types of things on figshare), I think that's the only reasonable thing to do. (you can, for now, add a DOI to any item type by putting
    DOI: 10.1234/asdjfjk into the extra field. Citation styles will pick that up.
  • I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I really wish to have
    Lecture/Lecture notes
    and a Custom tab, so that we can make our own, including own our order.

    "Professor" (2017). "Title of Lecture", lecture notes distributed in the topic "Module code and title". "Academic institution", "Location" on "Date delivered".

    I often have to cite lectures, and it would also be nice to make our own Item types in our professor's/institution's order preference.
  • I have just read the proposed changes and am disappointed, yet again, at the lack of attention paid to core functionality in terms of anthologies which I pointed out in . Recurring posts since then, which I see every once in a while, show that anthologies are still a problem. How about it, folks?
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    @Mike300 Answered in your original thread. No connection to new item types, as book sections are available; they're just not handled the way you'd like them to be.

    Edit: and please folks -- let's keep this thread somewhat manageable. This is not the place for feature requests or complaints.

    (edited again; had misread the thread this was in).
  • Hi to all
    It doesn't seem it has been proposed yet as an item type request, but an "Ancient text" one might be of interest for historians and archaeologists.
    An item distinct of simple books but with almost the same author fields (author / editor / editortranslator): it is generally asked to give such texts a very different layout. See an example here:, p. 12-13
  • @NMonteix A "classic" item type is generally planned as part of future CSL updates. What additional fields besides those that are included in 'book' would such a Type need?
  • @ bwiernik
    In order to allow potential locale specs, at least for instance in French and in Italian, a stronger distinction between the editor of an edited volume (dir. / cur.) and the editor of ancient text (éd. / ed.) might be needed in CSL.
    => new (name) fields: text-editor and text-editor-translator?

    Some medieval sources had reeditions (with or without revision), hence a field mentioning the first edition might be useful (but it might have been already mentioned in a previous post).

    Ancient texts can be commented by a different person than the one who edited / translated.
    => new (name) field: text-commenter?

    Given some text editions might have been revised, a new field could be necessary
    => new (name) field: text-reviser?

    It happens that those text are only very fragmented, thus it is customary to use fragment as locator.
    => new locator type: fragment?

    The most demanding thing would be a list of abbreviations for ancient authors (but it might be handled with an author-short field). Many styles require to cite them according to four closed lists given in French and English Greek / Latin dictionary (Gaffiot, Bailly, Liddell Scott, Oxford dictionary). To my knowledge, there is no other local use for German, Spanish, Italian etc.
    => new (name) field: author-short?

    In general, most ancient texts (but also actual studies) are inserted in series that might require abbreviations in styles.
    => new field (to be included also in books): collection-title-short?

    In classical studies, there two main abbreviations lists (one from l’Année philologique, the other from the Archaölogische Bibliographie). I had started preparing them, lacked of time and left this aside. This might be dealt elsewhere but I remember problems in handling apostrophes.

    Last and more general, inserting a short form of container-title in books would be helpful for many styles (but it might have been already referenced as a needed change).
  • Is the first editor role you are describing the same as "directeur de la publication"? As in here:
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    As for classical texts, no, the first editor role (text-editor) is intended as the one who establishes an edition of the ancient text.
    To quote this Wikipedia article, the "text-editor" is the one who is "trying to reconstruct an author's original text based on variant copies of manuscripts"
  • No, I meant the other one "editor of an edited volume (dir. / cur.)"
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    Cf. and

    editorial-director has been added to CSL 1.0.1, but is not available in Zotero. It was intended to match the French "directeur de publication" (abbreviated "dir." in French), i.e. the editor of an edited volume, as opposed to the "éditeur" (éd.) who establishes an edition of an (ancient) text.
    Both roles have the same label in English: "editor" in English.
    Is the first editor role you are describing the same as "directeur de la publication"? As in here
    @bwiernik: no, they are false friends…
  • An anxious question about this (whatever being the moment and nature of the change): how will the change (of styles / databases) will be handled?
  • @Gracile Sorry, my ambiguous first statement is making it hard for me to interpret both your responses. Currently, CSL has editorial-director (dir./directeur de publication) and editor (éd./éditeur). As far is I understand, these two fulfill the needs described by @NMonteix for "a stronger distinction between the editor of an edited volume (dir. / cur.) and the editor of ancient text (éd. / ed.) might be needed". Is that right?
  • My understanding is that we introduced the editor / editorial-director in CSL for exactly this scenario, yes, so this just needs a Zotero solution (which isn't trivial, because it'll be hard to handle in a way that's not confusing for English users, where the distinction doesn't exist). We should probably move the rest to github, these are very helpful.
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    @bwiernik: Yes. That's right.
    @NMonteix: they will have to be updated. A style indicates the CSL version it is compatible with, so that's not a big deal.
    But the tricky part, in my opinion, would be to manage the asymmetry, i.e. the fact that two roles in some languages/locales correspond to one single role in English. @adamsmith, @Rintze: I'm sure you've some smart ideas! [edit: cross-posting, but no idea seemingly :-)]
  • @bwiernik : my mistake. I didn't check in the CSL spec before writing my first post in this page. It was only based on Zotero point of view.
    So, following @Gracile 's comment, CSL does fulfil the need of a "stronger distinction between the editor of an edited volume (dir. / cur.) and the editor of ancient text (éd. / ed.)"
  • I use Zotero for bibliography management not only for citation management. Information about cited documents in saved document is important for me. Add relation "cite/cited by" between two documents in Zotero would help me.
  • This has probably already been mentioned before, but some ability to save publication status (e.g., advance online publication) would be great. APA style needs this for adding "Advance online publication" to the citation. It would probably be a status field (perhaps with some pre-defined values)? We discussed it here:

    If you already discussed or added this field, please ignore my post.
  • You can get that currently by adding this to the Extra field:
    status: Advanced Online publication
  • Please let me know if this should be somewhere else or has already been addressed, I know it was mentioned here before but the issue linked appears not to address this and was closed (

    Seconding the earlier request for patent "Priority Date" field to be mapped somehow. It doesn't appear in the CSL Variables listing currently, not sure what that means for Zotero implementation.

    Also somehow pulling in the forward/backward patent and non-patent citations to the Zotero 'References' field would be useful. Just concatenating in a blob with in-line labels (i.e. 'Citing Patents:', 'Cited Patents:', 'Cited Non-Patents:'), as was done with the Classifications in in the Extra field?

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