Changes to fields and item types for Zotero 5.1

  • @mgreis -- there is talk about allowing custom item types in the medium run, which would allow for more fine-grained distinctions like the ones you're after (and which are shared by other people with different needs of differentiation in other fields), but I have no idea if we're talking one, five, or ten years for that to happen.
  • Oh, it would be nice to add DOI to Reports also. I'm starting to seem some government research reports getting DOIs, although they fit the Report type better than they do Book or Journal article.
  • Yes, getting dois for all item types
  • For the next release would it be possible, and reasonable, to unpin this thread and start a new thread? This is has just gotten so long that it is hard to follow.
  • Please, reconsider the item type "review" to be added as an independent object and not just to be recognized by the "reviewed author". I know there has already been discussion about that, but it would be helpful for many people I guess. Thanks, anna
  • I concur with max1836 in starting a new thread. I dislike these forums, in general, and wish there was better organization/tags/etc (that's another rant), but it would be nice to start a new thread for each release, perhaps with a list of "Added/Still needed/In development" item types, etc. Keeps everything a bit more organized and easier to follow.
  • There has not been a relevant release since this thread started.
  • Please add the Greek ano teleia (that's how you can find it in word symbols) to the punctuation marks.
    English semi-colon is the Greek question mark!

    Take a look at the example
    (Pargament, 1999· Zinnbauer κ.ά., 1999) - instead of (Pargament, 1999; Zinnbauer κ.ά., 1999)
  • I've encountered this question before but, as I remember the answer was to do with Greek alphabet characters versus other alphabetical characters in the sentence. @bwiernik Is this your area if experience?
  • I’m not sure what the issue being described is? If it’s that using Greek with a style like APA still uses semicolons, the solution is to make a new style that adjusts the delimiters. Delimiters are not localizable in CSL (and they really couldn’t be).
  • Delimiters are not localizable in CSL (and they really couldn’t be).
    I think this is worth some more thought. This won't happen quickly, but we've gotten a similar request for Iranian delimiters, and if we want to keep the number of styles reasonable, adding some localization logic to delimiters seems like a good idea (another candidate is the default behavior of "delimiter-precedes-last"). But just to be clear, this isn't easy to do and we definitely won't try to get it in a CSL version before Zotero 5.1, so we're looking at definitely more than a year before there's any chance of this happening. Until then, separate styles are the only way to go.
  • @bwiernik
    Yes, the issue is that in Greek we use semi-colons as question marks. Would it be possible for me to adjust it?
    I can always do it manually each time, but it would be great to have it automated :)
  • edited December 18, 2018
    Yes, editing the style would be pretty easy. Basic instructions here:

    1. Change the style title and ID at the top of the style (such as to “apa-greek”—the link doesn’t have to be real).
    2. Add default-locale="el-Gr" to the “style” line in the second line of the style
    3. Throughout the style, change the “delimiter=” information to the correct symbols.

    If you have any questions, please start a new thread and we would be happy to help.
  • Thanks a lot. I opened the editor but I am afraid I might mess it up, so I'd better leave it as it is for now and fix it after I had finished my paper :)
  • you can't break things with the editor
  • Presently, publication place does not download for books downloaded from Google Books -- at least, for me. I would like to see this data automatically downloaded so that I don't have to manually type it in. A small thing, but it would be a nice add.
  • Google books doesn’t include that data on their page. For best results, I recommend copying the ISBN from the page and add it to Zotero using the Magic Wand tool.
  • That's good information. Thank you.
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