Additional field needed for Map sheet number

Many maps were produced in series (
This sheet number must be quoted, when giving a map reference.
But unfortunetaly Zotero's "Map" item type does not contain a field for storing the sheet number of a map.
We definitely need such a field for the Map type.
Is there a way, to add volume (or issue?) field for maps?

Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, we definitely need that. And yes, "volume" seems the right CSL field for a "Sheet" field/label in Zotero. Are there any plan of incorporating this into Zotero 4.2?
  • And if I understand this correctly, we should also add a number of sheets field which would map to number-of-volumes, is that right? I'm thinking about citations like this (from GSA):

    Bayley, R.W., and Muehlberger, W.R., compilers, 1968,
    Basement rock map of the United States, exclusive of Alaska
    and Hawaii: U.S. Geological Survey, scale 1:2,500,000, 2 sheets.

    We would then also need a term for sheet to localize this (i.e. Blatt in German etc.)

    Anything else?
  • Yes, number-of-volumes would be fitting, I think. Although in Germany (and Switzerland), as far as I can see, usually only publisher (not author=cartographer!), issued, title, volume and publisher-place are given. But I am no expert in the field so input from geographers would be really helpful here.
  • @adamsmith, your example is not a good one for sheets-as-volumes. That is a single publication that happens to be split into two sheets. you can see it here: In this case, sheets are akin to pages, not volumes.

    Here's another wrinkle to consider- Reports series that are maps, such as USGS Scientific Investigations Maps, like this one:

    There needs to be a report number(so report type), but there also needs to be a map scale (so a map). I have currently described these as reports, but have not figured out how best to put in the scale.
  • Wouldn't that be roughly equivalent to a book that's split into two volumes, though? That's also often a single publication.
  • That's true- these are fairly nit-picky semantics. I guess it doesn't matter too much as long as the right CSL field mappings can be sorted out.
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