APA ref list and "advance online publication"

what field can I drop the words "advance online publication" into to correctly format an APA ref list for a journal article in advance of print appearance?

It should look like:
Journal Title. Advance online publication.
  • A workaround I use is to place "Advance online publication" in the "Pages" field. However, in the reference list you have to manually replace the comma after the journal title with a dot.
  • Sorry for replying to this old question, but is this still the best way to handle such things? It does not seem very style independent to me. Is this something that is discussed for future Zotero releases?
  • Leave page blank and enter this in the Extra field

    {:status: Advance online publication}
  • The style now handles this better and you can do this in Zotero in a clean-ish version by putting
    {:status: Advanced online publication} into the Extra field. We'll have something more elegant at some point in the future, but not sure how soon (if it's just going to be a status field, that could be pretty soon, but if we want it to be smarter than that, it'll take some time).
  • Thanks a lot and good to know that this will be tackled.

    Are these extra field entries documented somewhere? Those are a few I came across now in the forums:

    {:itemType: dataset}
    {:doi: 10.4232/1.12565}
    {:version: 1.0.0}

    And now:

    {:status: Advance online publication}

    It would be great to have some kind of reference to look such things up. Maybe, I was just blind and it already exists.
  • no -- these are also unofficial-ish (the citation processor used by Zotero supports them, but Zotero is not committed to them).
    This syntax allows you to code any CSL variable into any Zotero item. Here's a list of all CSL variables: http://docs.citationstyles.org/en/stable/specification.html#appendix-iv-variables

    note that {:itemType: dataset} doesn't actually work. For DOIs you should use
    DOI: 10.4232/1.12565
    instead, which _is_ official Zotero syntax until DOIs are widely added to item types.
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