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I was wondering if it would be possible to have more author types than the 5 we have at the moment?

For exemple, French speakers make a difference between "directeur de publication" and "éditeur".
The first is the editor who's in charge of a book published collectively.
The second is for exemple the person who proposes a critical edition of Marx or Rousseau.

It's usually not a good idea to write "éditeur" for "directeur de publication" ([éd.] for [dir.]) but at the moment, we don't have any other (non-manual) option: every editor has to be one or the other (thanks to CSL) but it's not possible to distinguish the two.


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    I mentioned your issue to Bruce D'Arcus, and he suggested that the role list used by the US Library of Congress might contain an appropriate role. If you could take a look at the list and offer a suggestion, it might help move things forward. Here is the URL to the list referenced by Bruce:


    It's not accessible at the moment, the site is down for maintenance. But it should be online again tomorrow.


    SIte's back up now. Does this entry look like it suits this case?
    Publishing director [pbd]
    Use for a person who presides over the elaboration of a collective work to ensure its coherence or continuity. This includes editors-in-chief, literary editors, editors of series, etc.
  • Hi Frank,

    thanks for your answer. I just checked the LOC role list and the entry you propose suits perfectly the case.

    It seems to me that these two could also be useful:

    Author of introduction, etc. [aui]
    Use for a person or corporate body responsible for an introduction, preface, foreword, or other critical introductory matter, but who is not the chief author.

    Author of afterword, colophon, etc. [aft]
    Use for a person or corporate body responsible for an afterword, postface, colophon, etc. but who is not the chief author of a work.

    Until now, I used Collaborator, but it's not really adequate:
    Collaborator [clb]
    Use for a person or corporate body that takes a limited part in the elaboration of a work of another person or corporate body that brings complements (e.g., appendices, notes) to the work.

  • Actually, I think perhaps this is easier than this: it sounds like a "series editor", which is already covered in CSL with the "collection-editor" name variable. For Zotero, I'd add "series editor."

    There are better ways to do the other stuff; see earlier threads.
  • As far as I know, "series editor" already exists within Zotero.

    The "Directeur de publication" is the person who organizes the publication of a book with chapters written by various authors, i.e. exactly what you usually call an editor in English...
  • "Series editor" seems to me a different concept from "Publishing director". The first seems to refer to the editor who controls the design of a series, selecting the volumes that go into it and providing oversight guidance to the project. The second seems to refer to the editor responsible for dealing with the actual authors of individual chapters or essays from which a particular volume is composed.

    Nicholas' point seems to be that this latter role must be distinguished from the editor who fashions a selection of material out of the manuscripts produced by an individual, and supervises the production of annotations illuminating that single author's work. If that is the case, then "editor" and "collection-editor" are not sufficient, and the list of roles does require a small extension.
  • Thanks Frank for putting things so clearly. It is what I was trying to explain, but in a less articulated way.
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    I've the same problem with the difference between "éditeur" and "directeur de publication" and I have not find a solution for préface/avant-propos (and... postface) too.

    I'm using "Collaborator" too...but it's a non-sense to use a single type for three different situations.

    Is there a (better) solution?

  • not yet, seemingly.

  • A question for French speakers following this thread: are the two roles, "éditeur" and "directeur de publication" ever used together in the same cite?
  • If, for "éditeur", you mean the one « who fashions a selection of material out of the manuscripts produced by an individual, and supervises the production of annotations illuminating that single author's work. », it seems hard to imagine it to be used with "directeur de publication" in the same citation.

    But I might be wrong: I'll post a link to this topic on the French citation style thread ( http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/4738/2/french-citation-style-style-de-citation-en-francais/). Other answers to come!

    [anyway, thank you very much for addressing this issue! - and what about preface, foreword, postface?]
  • I have come across this discussion while searching for a way to add "directeur de publication" information in my zotero library (I'm french speaking and manage only french references). Since it is not yet possible to do this correctly, I just wish to add my voice here and say it would be awesome if this feature was added.

    As for fbennet question, I cannot think about a situation (in my field and according to my modest experience) where "éditeur" and "directeur de publication" would both be needed in the same citation.

    Lastly, thanks for this great tool.
  • An editorial-director variable has gone into the CSL 1.0 specification. The processor will handle things so that it plays nicely with existing styles that use "editor" for both concepts. The new variable will become available in Zotero version 2.1, development for which will begin after 2.0 is finalized.
  • Bonsoir,

    Si cela peut être utile, je cite la remarque trouvée dans le document: "LA RÉFÉRENCE BIBLIOGRAPHIQUE : NORME ET PRAXIS, À l'aide des spécialistes en sciences humaines et sociales" de Rossitza Kyheng (Université Paris 10)

    Elle y défend la position suivante :
    "Si la responsabilité principale incombe à un éditeur scientifique sa fonction est indiquée par l'abréviation "éd.", entourée ou non par parenthèses.
    NB. Il n'y a pas de raison de différencier le directeur de publication par l'abréviation "dir." : le directeur de publication est effectivement un éditeur scientifique. "
  • I have one more question about editorial-director/"directeur de publication": is it sufficient to add "Editorial Director" to the book and chapter item types, or are there other item types that can be expected to need this creator role?
  • I think "editorial-director/directeur de publication" could also be useful for journals' special issues coordinated by persons that are also "editorial-directors". For these issues, I usually use the book type, so it's all fine, but if I want to quote an article published in one of these special issues, with a mention of the coordinators, then it would be nice to have it for "journal article" too...
  • I would be great if we could add the good description (préface de, etc...) in a blanck field we could personalize in Zotero... ??
  • I add my voice to this discussion in order to say that it would be great for french user to have more field then Collaborator ; mainly "préf." (for the writer of the preface), "postface", "dir.", "avant-propos".
  • There is an additional issue related to "author"-related roles. In a project I am working on, we are dealing with a lot of items like master thesis and doctoral dissertations and are using the item type "thesis" for these. However, there is no possibility for recording the supervisor of the thesis (only "author" and "collaborator"), neither as an author-related role, nor as a separate field. We would love to see either solution be included!
  • The thesis advisor / supervisor is a pretty common request. It would be very helpful if you could point to a citation style that requires it, so we can document that this is a necessary addition.

    In the meantime, the non-specific "contributor" type may be the best option for you.
  • Discussion of thesis advisors should continue in the main thread for the topic: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/9136/advisor-as-an-author-type/#Item_14
  • I add my voice to this discussion in order to say that it would be great for french user to have more field then Collaborator ; mainly "préf." (for the writer of the preface), "postface", "dir.", "avant-propos".
    Documented in "LA RÉFÉRENCE BIBLIOGRAPHIQUE : NORME ET PRAXIS" de Rossitza Kyheng.
    See: "3. Zones d'information : spécification des éléments", "5) Responsabilité secondaire (zone facultative)":

    Cette zone est facultative pour l'ouvrage et ses parties. La responsabilité secondaire peut incomber au traducteur, à l'éditeur scientifique, à l'auteur des illustrations. Cette information s'inscrit immédiatement après le titre de la publication.
    Exemple : [...]
    SAUSSURE, Ferdinand de. Cours de linguistique générale. Edition critique de Tullio de Mauro. Trad. d'italien et postface par Louis-Jean Calvet. Paris : Payot, 1967, 520 p.
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