Which site translators would you like to see?, take 2

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    Would be great to have a translator for the United Nations ECLAC library:

    I think the records are badly formatted, so I understand if this is not possible.

  • yeah, that's going to be hard and any translator will be pretty bad - CEPAL has, e.g. the unfortunate idea to include authors in the title field of works, to not list publisher and location separately etc.
  • @adamsmith

    Yeah, but they are getting an earful from me about that. The thing is that the site is developed and maintained by a contractor in the UK. Not very responsive....
  • I'd really love to see a translator for gigapedia, the poor grad student's best friend...
  • Cambridge University Library is listed as a compatible site, "tested 10 October 2006, 4:41pm" on http://www.zotero.org/translators/. But it does not seem to work. The Newton catalogue has changed a lot since 2006 (as indicated by the broken link). If there was a translator and it is indeed out of date, could this please be added to the list?
  • @nakhimov

    Importing from the Newton catalogue appears to work fine for me - could you provide some specific URLs which fail?
  • @Bionatsci

    thanks for the quick reply. Actually, this does seem to be a very limited problem. So far I've only been able to reproduce it when entering a search string that results in only one hit, e.g.:


    Moreover, it's really not much of an issue because arriving at the same record by any other path works correctly. Sorry for raising the alarm!
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    So far I've only been able to reproduce it when entering a search string that results in only one hit
    For posterity, the quickest workaround (one click) for this issue is to click on the "link to this record" on the right hand side of the Newton page. This loads the record using a permanent link, and allows the Zotero translator to detect it.

    P.S. It's no problem raising the alarm - it's still a bug no matter how limited the situations that trigger it, and small bugs can sometimes unearth bigger problems.

    Edit: Newton uses the "Voyager 7" translator, so I would imagine that this issue and the workaround are the same for any other libraries using this catalogue system.
  • didn't know that such a post exists :) so I repeat my request here.

    I would love to see a translator for uptodate http://www.uptodate.com as I believe one of the most usefull sites for medical research on the net (even though access is pretty expensive - but its licensed by many university so many people would benefit from a translator)
    ..If somebody can help but doesn't have an access I could provide a sourcecode sample.

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    If possible would love to see a translator for the Archaeology Data Service: http://ads.ahds.ac.uk/

    Not sure how easy it would be to create (I'm new to Zotero) but would be extremely useful for anyone doing archaeological research in the UK.

  • The National Library of Wales
  • A translator for results found in the Google News Archive would be helpful.


    Thank you!
  • I'd like to echo spike's Aug 23rd post and suggest that the University of Toronto (Canada) library catalogue's translator be updated.
    It is no longer http://toroprod.library.utoronto.ca/
    There's a new interface with a new URL - http://library.utoronto.ca
    (which becomes something like http://search2.library.utoronto.ca when a search is run)

    Thanks from a Zotero newby
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    Would anybody be willing to write a translator for TalisPrism-based catalogues? http://www.talis.com/prism/ . TalisPrism is widely used by institutions in the UK. Lack of a translator for it is a concern about Zotero in my institution and may be problematic for Zotero use in other universities this side of the pond.

    A translator was first requested by adam.funk in 2007 and then by another user in 2008. Major university libraries using TalisPrism include:
    Manchester (http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/catalogue/)
    Sheffield (http://star.shef.ac.uk/TalisPrism/)
    Queen's Belfast (http://qu-prism.qub.ac.uk/TalisPrism/).
    Other universities in the UK using Talis include Northumbria, Surrey, Derby and Greenwich among many others, as well as a large number of community libraries.

    @SaraWeale - National Library of Wales catalogue is VTLS-based, so I've re-posted your request here.
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    OCLC PICA opc4 v2.2.14-vzg4
    at http://opac.ub.uni-potsdam.de
    is not supported so far, but
    OCLC PICA opc4 v2.2.14-vzg7
    at http://kiopc4.ub.uni-kiel.de:8080/
    is, as I've read on page 1 above (June 22nd 2008).
    I'd love seeing a translator work for this, too.

    PS: Opened a threat for this at http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/10298/translator-coins-works-at-one-opc4-but-not-at-another/
  • TalisPrism beta version translator (widely requested) is written and uploaded to the zotero development google group by myself. You can get it from


    You might need to join the group to get it.

    Hopefully the main Zotero development group (which I am not a member of) will approve it and integrate into a version of Zotero soon.

    I was amazed how many UK libraries (council and university) use TalisPrism!
  • Hopefully the main Zotero development group (which I am not a member of) will approve it and integrate into a version of Zotero soon.
    My understanding is that you need only ask for Trac/SVN access and put your translators into SVN. They'll be checked by someone on the core team and pushed to clients.
  • Oxford Reports on International Law

    I noticed that Zotero recognizes the database page only as "webpage" saving everytime only the general title "oxford reports", but ignoring the actual content, that are judicial decisions.
    The link to the database is:
  • WIFO - Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (Austrian Institute of Economic Research) http://www.wifo.ac.at/

    The "article-sites" are like the following link:

    Thank you!
  • Katalog der ULB Münster

    it uses some type of OCLC?!
  • Eighteenth-Century Collections on-line (Gale group) -- there was a translator in operation for the old version, but they have now produced a new version, without a translator

    Bibliography of British and Irish History - ditto. When this was the Royal Historical Society Bibliography, there was a Zotero translator, but the new commercial version doesn't have one. One which worked for this bibliography might also work for the International Medieval Bibliography, also maintained by Brepols.
  • LexisNexis Congressional. Zotero seems to work for regular LexisNexis Academic (although I'm now getting an error and message to check "known translator issues" but nothing listed there about LN academic). I haven't tried LN law school version, but assume it has trouble too. Please make all LexisNexis Databases compatible with zotero.

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    There is a Lexis translator in zotero-dev that works (as far as I know) with US & Canadian Law Reviews (combined) only. It works pretty well (if I do say so myself), and fetches a clean snapshot of the articles in HTML form.

    However, that translator will probably not be extended to other parts of Lexis anytime soon. In the "Total Legal Research" version, Lexis provide no metadata (nothing), and the pages are basically in plain text form with <br/> tags to force line breaks in the browser. My translator succeeds in reliably parsing out the cite details from that mess, but it's not easy, and it burns up a lot of time in testing. At the same time, the access terms for the various Lexis products mean that there aren't many people around to work on them.

    For the time being, improving access to the freely accessible legal archives looks like the path of least resistance and best use of time, as far as improving legal support generally goes.

    (EDIT: Apparently both Lexis and Westlaw, under pressure from the economy and the increasing availability of primary sources exposed directly to the Internet, have decided to spring comprehensive upgrades of their user interfaces on the world. With luck, the translator I mention above will survive the upgrade. If not, it might take awhile for me to get back around to it; fee-based services are not my leading priority at the moment.)
  • I'd like to second the suggestion for a translator for the new Bibliography of British and Irish History (Brepols: http://apps.brepolis.net/LTool/EntranceSteward.aspx?w=19). It's an essential resource for British and Irish studies.

    It would be nice if Gale Cengage's Eighteenth Century Collections Online worked as well.
  • I'd love to be able to import records from the Open Language Archives Community (OLAC):


    A lot of linguistics stuff is already marked up this way and it seems to be growing in popularity.
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    Better support for news sources would be very appreciated for the political scientists. These include:

    LA Times - www.latimes.com
    The Globe and Mail - www.theglobeandmail.com
    Financial Times - www.ft.com
    Christian Science Monitor - www.csmonitor.com
  • I'd really like to see support for:

    Public Library of Science http://www.plosone.org
    ESA Journals http://www.esajournals.org/

  • Sorry, in relation to last posting, I see they are listed as being supported, however they're not working for me. I'll post a message in the translators forum.
  • bp_216, yes thanks -- please post it in the translators forum.
    @beeker, if you could move your toronto/washington post problems over there as well, that would be great..
  • I would like to see a sitetranslator for CAJ (Chinese Academic Journal) because it's an important resources for scholar in Asian Studies.
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