Which site translators would you like to see?, take 2

You can check to see if a site you'd like Zotero to support has already been requested here: http://www.zotero.org/translators-status/
(Requests made in the earlier discussion are almost completely migrated into this list)

If you'd like to request a translator,
1) make sure you have a new request by checking the Translators Status page
2) give Zotero a try (because of the way translators work, Zotero can work on many sites that aren't listed)
3) then give us only the name of the site *and* its URL

If you have any other translator issues, please post them separately in our translators forum.
  • ACS doi lookups would be very handy for a translator (especially older articles that don't have an html abstract for Zotero to look at)
    for example a recent search of mine:

    Also, the "folder" button that I used to be able to click on journal contents pages to add entries from a list of article titles is no longer showing up for ACS pubs
    for example:
  • Hi mrnlegato,
    Thanks for the input. Could you post the 2nd part of your message to the troubleshooting (http://forums.zotero.org/3/) or translators (http://forums.zotero.org/6/) forum? I just checked, and it worked for me, so it may need some debugging...
  • I actually made a change that should have fixed that issue with ACS Pubs last week. I forgot to post about it here. Sorry.

    @mrnlegato Make sure you've updated to the latest translators (via the Zotero preferences pane) and try again. Let us know if problems continue.
  • I would like Zotero to support
    * HeiKIP (Heidelberger Katalog- und Informationsportal)
    * URL: http://portal03.bsz-bw.de:8090/ .
    It's very handy tool and is used by people living in Heidelberg for simultaneous searches in different libraries in region. It's much better than HEIDI katalog.ub.uni-heidelberg.de and
    BTW. using HEIDI with Zotero isn't very useful - it recognizes only the name of the author and title. The rest you have to put into Zotero by hand.

  • A vote for the INIST database

    it also has another URL for a french version of this service:

  • I'd like to see support for the My Library listings in Google Books. (Sorry if this has already been requested.) In Firefox using Zotero 1.0.4 and Mac OSX 10.4.11 I do not see the folder icon (only an RSS feed icon) in the location bar when browsing saved libraries in Google Books.

  • Support for eMusic would be good:

  • I would appreciate support for NetLibrary

    and, although I've seen that several people already asked for that: Questia.com.
  • Support for the Library and Archives Canada (preferably the Archives part) if at all possible, would be great. www.collectionscanada.gc.ca
  • I would appreciate support for
    * University of Warsaw Library
    * https://opac.buw.uw.edu.pl/cgi-bin/gw_46_6/chameleon?skin=buw&lng=pl
  • If the the following could be added it would be greatly appreciated:

    Macquarie University's Library - http://voyager.ocs.mq.edu.au/
    Informit Database - http://search.informit.com.au/
    Gale Cengage Learning - http://find.galegroup.com
    Film Literature Index - http://webapp1.dlib.indiana.edu/fli/advancedSearch.jsp
    Informaworld (doesn't have any folder option) - http://www.informaworld.com

    Thank you!
  • Support for the Kiel University Library catalogue would be great:


    Thanks a lot!
  • eggLet, I just checked Informaworld and it had a folder for me. It might just be loading slowly.
  • Journal Archive - Japan

    URL: http://www.journalarchive.jst.go.jp/english/top_en.php

  • I'd like Opulus Press

  • I would request

    Thank you
  • edoc.mpg.de would be great
    thank you very much
  • http://cat.ubib.eur.nl

    Although I'm not completely sure whether this is covered by the impossibility of incorporating Picarta.

  • I almost forget one of the most important publisher for lawyers in the Netherlands

    Kluwer Portal
  • matthijs, I can't get access to http://www.kluwer.nl/png/UKB/index.jsp without a username and password.
  • OpenLibrary.org



    Internet Archive Texts

  • Support for the output from the South African National Archives (http://www.national.archsrch.gov.za/sm300cv/smws/sm300dl) would change the world. This is a standardized database of all catalogued records in all repositories in South Africa.
  • edited July 17, 2008
    OpenLibrary.org and Internet Archive should be available in a few days
  • Acrymble,
    It will be difficult to get round the passwords, but I already got it to work a bit. I'll just fill out the info by hand. \

    Thanks anyway
  • breckenr, consider the world changed. the South African National Archives translator should be available in a few days. Please ensure you are viewing the NON-FRAMES version of the database if you would like to use Zotero with it.
  • The Christian Science Monitor (www.csmonitor.com)
  • hedgman, the Christian Science Monitor should be available soon.
  • edited July 23, 2008

    Would it be possible to add Cairn? http://www.cairn.info

    This site gathers 156 French academic journals in the social sciences. Several journals, like Actes de La Recherche en Sciences Sociales, Revue Francaise de Science Politique or Revue Francaise de Sociologie store their archives freely on Persee -- for which a translator was added some time ago -- and recent issues on Cairn on a paying basis.

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  • Catherine, Cairn appears to require membership to view. Are you in a position to grant access to the site so that I can write a translator?
  • Hi Acrymble,

    Thanks for you answer. Cairn allows you to freely view references, perform searches, etc. You only need a paying access in order to download PDFs.

    Do you still need a paying access to the site?

    Thank you very much.
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