Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android

  • @cormierb and @ifranken : You do not need to ask here to be included in the beta program. You need to check back here and the developpers will announce when new slots will be available, and then you will be available to download the app from the app store
  • I hope that it will be available in some stores in the Chinese market, such as app gallery or Application treasure
  • the app of zotero is really good ,thanks for developers
  • Can I suggest that there is a separate topic for announcements about the app (including when new slots are available) where only the developers can post - so we can subscribe to that topic separately.
  • I agree w/ @radialthing ... been trying to get in on this beta for months, but can't seem to be in the right place at the right time to catch when new slots are opened up.
  • Side note: Really really really loving the new design for Zotero 7!!! Great job!!!
  • The app looks amazing. Just saw it on a friend's phone. Can you please put me out of my misery and jealousy and grant me early access. I would appreciate that very much. Also thank you so much for all the hard work you've put in the app. Looks fantastic.
  • There is an urgent need for WebDAV functionality. Are there any specific development plans?
  • Webdav will be included before the official version comes out, yes, this has been answered a couple of times in this thread.
  • Very happy with the app announcement. I hope it adds some features: how to read other formats (.epub and .doc); read media files (audio and video/ https://web.archive.org/web/20130602162235/http://digitalhistory.concordia.ca/vertov/?page_id=6) and read texts by voice (https:/ /github.com/ImperialSquid/zotero-zotts).
  • Agree with @radialthing and @jude24to25: would love to know when there are slots open for the Beta Testers. Hence, a separate thread would be much appreciated.

    Having an Android app for Zotero would literally solve plenty of my headaches.
  • i like the idea of @radialthing ! I would love to test ist out, even if there are some bugs.

    While I can understand why there are limits on how many people can test the beta in the play store, I believe a lot of people would also be happy if there was a sideloadable file of the zotero app in the meanwhile? I am personally happy with having some bugs because right now I don't see a way to effectively use zotero on my tablet at all.
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    @Davidsteiner: The entire point of the limit is to restrict the number of people using the app until we're confident there are no data-loss bugs, etc. If we felt it were ready for wider usage, we would increase the limit.
  • can I suggest a feature to allow opening pdf files in external apps? like on windows we can specify the application for pdf annotating etc.
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    Dear Support,

    I had installed Zotero for Android on my tablet and was also logged in with my Zotero account on the Android version.

    But because I had security issues with my Google account and my tablet, I changed my Google account and reinstalled my tablet. Unfortunately, I could no longer install the Zotero app after that.

    Is it possible to get beta access for the Zotero Android app again?

    I didn't know where else to ask, as it is recommended to ask in the forum.

    I have attached a forum post that I wrote when I was still able to use the app.

    Thank you very much and I hope you can help me further

  • Hello,

    Is there anywhere to sign up for a waiting list to try Zotero for Android?

    I have been accessing the app regularly since January, but haven't seen any new spots opening up or any info about how to sign up for information about new spots.
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