Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android

  • I'm wondering how to access my PDFs that I have connected to my zotero desktop via my Drive. I'm not finding a way to make that happen on the Android beta. Apologies if this is abstract or has been answered but I struggled to find an answer via search.
  • @Seamusuga: The mobile apps only support stored files.
  • We've just pushed an update, beta 76, that fixes a serious bug where in some situations items added to one library could be uploaded to all other libraries. We've only been able to reproduce this by trying to add a file to a group that didn't allow files, but we received one other report of it occurring in another situation.

    If you've been using the app and belong to one or more groups, I'd recommend checking all libraries to make sure any items you added or modified in the Android app weren't uploaded incorrectly.

    Sorry for any trouble this caused.

    (But this does serve as a reminder: this is still a beta app, we've limited the number of testers for a reason, and while we very much want people to test it, we do not recommend using it if you're not in a position to handle and report potentially serious bugs.)
  • Thanks for the efforts so far in bringing Zotero to Android users! Is it possible to see a changelog somewhere?
  • Thanks also from me!

    Is it also possible to see known and reported bugs? I believe it's preferred to report bugs here, not as issues in the github repository, but are reported bugs all recorded as issues or is there another list? In order to avoid reporting the same bugs as new, being able to add further details as well as avoiding issues that are already known.

    Thanks again!
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    @jvmachado: We update "What's New" for each new version. As far as I can tell the Play Store only shows the most recent entry and doesn't let you view previous ones, so, I guess, complain to Google about that, since it's ridiculous? But we'll see if there's a way for us to automatically assemble a changelog from the Play Store data.

    @RadialThing: You can just search for "Android" here. We ask people to put that in the thread title when reporting bugs. But as with all Zotero issues, you can always just create a new thread without doing a ton of searching, and we'll point you to an existing thread if it's relevant.
  • @dstillman, I was forced to make a factory reset on my Android device and now Ive lostthe Zotero app!
    Is there anything I can do to regain beta access?

  • Hi, thank for developing the great app! Palm rejection function would be more than welcome. Currently writing with a stylus is difficult due to finger touch recognition.
  • @pablojvarela
    My understanding is that the beta access of apps is linked to your email address which is signed into Google play and not the device, so after a factory reset and sign in with the same email address, I guess you should have the access to zotero beta from "manage apps and devices" menu in Google Play
  • I notice the "Related" property isn't part of the Android experience. As I use this to build and maintain relationships between books and book chapters I find it very useful. It would be great if it could be added to the development plans at some point

    Thanks very much for all the amazing efforts on the Android project. They are all welcomed and valued
  • Hey all, is there any way to sync my stored files to the tablet? I have Syncthing to sync other things, but can't figure out where the Android app expects the files to be. Thanks!
  • @mangelov: The mobile apps support stored files synced by the app via Zotero Storage or WebDAV.
  • @dstillman Where are the settings for WebDAV? I'm using a self-hosted NextCloud instance for WebDAV sync of the desktop app, which works great, but can't see a way to link this in the Android app.
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    @mangelov: WebDAV isn't yet supported in the Android app, as noted in the announcement and throughout this thread. I'm just saying you can't somehow put files into the app directly.
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    @dstillman: Okay, seems to be a misunderstanding. Thanks for the assist.
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