What other citation formats would you like Zotero to generate?

  • Society of Biblical Literature. http://www.sbl-site.org/PDF/ForumGuidelines.pdf
  • Can I second the request for the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) format?

  • That makes 4 requests for the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) style on this post (including mine). That's mildly astonishing, though I do thing that Zotero would enjoy particularly wide adoption among biblical scholars once it is stable from their point of view. I have started a separate thread on doing SBL-style formatting with Zotero using Zotero's support for the Chicago Manual of Style formats.

    Note that the link provided above by jimwhitend is not to the SBL style spec, but only a much briefer and very different set of guidelines for submission to the Socity's online forum.
  • hum... after a firts read on CSL... It 's not clear in my understanding if it's possible to use SEVERAL format in the same doc, depending on the place of the citation.

    for example, i have to use these two formats:
    ... a systemic approach of enterprise was proposed by Le Moigne (1997)...
    ... this concept is used in a systemic approach of enterprise (Le Moigne 1977)...

    In the first example, the author name is inside the sentence, in the second one, the author name is in the citation...
    Of course, i'd have to select the format when inserting the citation...

    Is that possible in a (not too far ! ) future ?

  • I'm also waiting for support for political science citation formats (i.e. American Political Science Association, American Journal of Political Science, American Political Science Review). Thanks!
  • ACM format for both journals and conferences, please! But conference submissions are more common, so those would impact more people.
  • I would appreciate the ability to generate bibliographic entries according to the Harvard method. The following web sites contains some nice guidelines in this regard:

    Theuns Kotze
  • Another vote from the ecology world:
    1. Ecology (and family), Journal of Ecology (and family), Ecology Letters, Oikos, Oecologia
    2. Easily customizable (i.e., ability to make slight modifications)
    3. user Uploadable formats for faster development
  • American Antiquity
    Antiquity (the UK journal)
    Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute (aka MAN)
    A customisable Numbered one is very useful when no requirements but one wants to produce a clean text without so many names and years
  • It's great that you're asking for suggestions for new citation formats, but could you fix one of the widely used formats that is already out?
    The Nature citation style doesn't work with Word. It creates blank footnotes. Though it will produce a bibliography, it leaves footnote numbers at the bottom of each page without citations next to them.
    Sorry if this is the wrong place for this comment.
  • Harvard please.
  • Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
    Journal of the American Chemical Society
    Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry


    PS: The Nature citation style doesn't work with Openoffice (ubuntu) too.
  • Association of American Geographers ( AAG ) style http://aag.org/Publications/Annals/annalsweb3.html. It's based on Chicago Manual of Style ( CMS ). I would guess it shouldn't be too difficult to modify the CMS style to create the AAG style. If anyone can point the way to getting started, I'll give it a try.
  • joines: as luck would have it, the author of CSL (me) is a geographer. I'll get the style done; am just really busy these days.
  • I have some 20,000 citations in Papyrus. It was initially orphaned by its developer and then, if effect, by Apple (it operates only in OS 9). It would be great if Zotero developed an import format for Papyrus.
  • I don't know what your comment has to do about citation formats, but some googling shows that there are RIS exporters for papyrus. Others have used them to migrate to Endnote/Reference Manager. You'd probably be able to use them to migrate to Zotero.
  • Dear noksagt,
    For "citations" please read references, entries, whatever. What I really mean to say is, I've got a major problem and am seeking help with export/import formats. Thanks for your response.
    I am very intrigued when you tell me that others have used RIS exporters to migrate from Papyrus to Endnote and that this might be a way for me to migrate to Zotero. Can you send me to some source (online, printed, human) from which I can get guidance and direction? I checked on the web and haven't found what you did.
  • Just google for "papyrus ris". I imagine that's what noksagt did.
  • The large majority of my citations are non-English. I don't need that you include the Annales des télécommunications, or some other speciality journal like many listed in the thread, in Zotero's list of styles but that
    - Non-Ascii characters are included in styles & export and that they "behave well"
    - you concentrate work on a style wizard so that the user can create what he or she needs.

    If you want to touch the majority of Internet's non-english users both steps are imperative. If not, Zotero is just limited to the English-speaking world.

    - Frank
  • American Medical Association (AMA) style (http://www.amazon.com/American-Medical-Association-Manual-Style/dp/0683402064) is the basis of citation styles used by many healthcare and medical publishers. Medical writers use this frequently, and I would appreciate having this style available. Thank you.
  • ftr: while there may be some bugs in Zotero's implementation WRT to unicode handling (am not sure), note that the style language is designed to be international-friendly. For example, styles are not supposed to include any localized text. Rather, there are a set of pre-defined terms, which can be localized.

    If, then, you'd like to help with localization, please feel free. We don't yet have a French localization for example, and I'd be happy to add one. See this example.
  • ISO 960 (http://www.collectionscanada.ca/iso/tc46sc9/standard/690-2e.htm) would be nice.
  • Harvard would be great - need it for my uni work

  • I write for a range of interdisciplinary journals. Zotero's will become practical for the work I do when a user-friendly interface becomes available to allow creation of styles. Till then, let me 2nd the call for a range of political science styles: Am. Journal of Political Science, Am. Pol. Sci. Assoc. ....
  • Harvard, please.
  • Is anyone planning on doing the Harvard one - otherwise I'm willing to make a first cut.
    Of course Harvard doesn't appear to be one single well defined standard...
  • I have two Harvard style citations/biblio formats that are sort of mostly working. Would anyone would like to try them out and report back anything that is not working.
    One is based on
    and the other on

    drop me a line at julian.onions at gmail.com
  • Codec: Why not create a Trac account (if you haven't yet) and attach the CSLs to the Harvard ticket?

    Then people can paste them into csledit.xul to try them out.

    Also feel free to reassign the ticket to you.
  • Done - thanks for the tip.
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