What other citation formats would you like Zotero to generate?

  • I just found out that the Journal of Bacteriology, as a American Society for Microbiology (ASM) journal, has the same reference-style as the other journals published by the ASM, which are:

    Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
    Applied and Environmental Microbiology
    Clinical and Vaccine Immunology
    Clinical Microbiology Reviews
    Eukaryotic Cell
    Infection and Immunity
    Journal of Clinical Microbiology
    Journal of Virology
    Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
    Molecular and Cellular Biology

    Perhaps copies of the Journal of Bacteriology-style can be made available under each of the journal names? Alternatively you could add a small comment to the style mentioning that the style is valid for all ASM-journals (e.g. Journal of Bacteriology (valid for all ASM-journals)).

    On a more general note, would it be helpful to have a wiki available so users of Zotero can help collect reference style metadata? I'm thinking about a table with the journal name for which a style is wanted, whether the journal shares its reference style with that of other journals (as in the case of the ASM journals) or whether it is the same as one of the major styles (Harvard, APA, etc) and also the URL where the reference style guide can be found. I guess that as the number of available styles keeps increasing, a bit more structure would come in handy. For instance, the Web of Science lists about 8700 journals.
  • Yes - this looks to be the case in a few publications

    RNA, genome and genes and development all share the same style
    Genome biology and bmc bioinformatics are also the same

    So I think we need a way of attaching multiple names to the same style.
  • Haven't seen too many physical scientists chipping in, so I guess one of us should speak up. Can't speak for everyone, but the following are must-haves for practitioners of the earth and planetary sciences:

    American Geophysical Union (i.e., the Journal of Geophysical Research and Geophysical Research Letters)
    Earth and Planetary Science Letters
    Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
    Meteoritics and Planetary Science
    Acta Astronautica
    Chemie der Erde
    Space Science Reviews
    American Mineralogist
    Generalized Short-Form Abstract (for example, like in the Lunar and Planetary Science conference abstracts)
  • Styles request:

    FEMS Microbiology Ecology
    FEMS Immunology and Medical Microbiology
    FEMS Microbiology Letters
    FEMS Microbiology Reviews
    FEMS Yeast Research
    These all share a single style:

    Metabolic Engineering

    Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

    Journal of Biological Chemistry

  • As far as I can tell Earth and Planetary Science Letters and Icarus journals have the same style as Metabolic Engineering. I'm starting to loose track of what shares what format. I think we need some schema support to show the duplication of styles.

    It is also starting to become necessary to have some filtering on styles - as there are now nearly 40 different ones to choose from.
  • Meteoritics and Planetary Science added - had to update the preview tool I wrote as Its now difficult to see if there is one you've already done!
  • Please add the citation style of: the Art Bulletin and Speculum
  • got a link?
  • @Codec: Above you write "I think the German format is too hard - I don't read German very well and the bibtex format doesn't really help." Is there some way I could be of help? Unfortunately I'm not a coder, but maybe I could translate/explain text you don't understand...

    Greets, Jan.
  • @Jnic - sure send me a message and we can collaborate.
    What I really need are a few examples for say a journal, book and a book chapter.
    Then we can see what can be done.
  • Done a first version of these - the format is a little sparse.
  • Some other previous requests, I think they are all Chicago derivatives:

    Society of Biblical Literature:

    History and Theory

    Society for American Archeology, American Antiquity Style:

    American Anthropological Association:
  • Many thanks to Codec for the Art History and Oxford Art Journal styles.
  • I just tried zotero today for the first time. Importing Papyrus references (using the ris_out format) works fairly well, but does require some editing of the text file.
    Before importing my entire database into zotero, I need a way to keep the ID#s (which is how I file the actual papers-- since I started this before pdf files were available...).

    I see that custom items are a planned feature. How long before this is incorporated?
    Has anyone figured out a way to customize zotero import fields so that "ID #" is not lost?
  • lcampbell: this is rather off-topic for this thread. See here.
  • drrayl - I have to say my efforts are just a start. I expect there to be more work to do when people start using them for real, as the instructions for authors documents are often a little thin on real world details.

    So I look forward to bug reports on these and the other styles!
  • CSL Hasn't really got the support for biblical formats yet - some discussion on the list about this. Done Both these styles need indented author lists which is beyond the power of the CSL language at present.
  • Codec.

    For the Oxford Art Journal, some recent examples might help. The main thing that differs from your implementation, I think, is that specific page references are always prefixed by p. .

    (This does not seem to be specified in the style guide on the Journal's Web page.)

    Page reference from books are put after the closing bracket of (Publisher: Place, Year)., prefixed by p.

    Eg: Terry Castle, Masquerade and Civilisation: The Carnivalesque in Eighteenth-Century English Culture and Fiction (Methuen: London, 1986). p. 2.

    Similarly, specific page references in journal articles follow the volume, number and date, prefixed with p.


    Vern L, Bullough, ‘Prostitution and Reform in Eighteenth-Century England', Eighteenth-Century Studies, vol. 9, no. 3, 1985, p. 61.

    For specific pages in papers in an edited volume:

    Thomas Diplero, 'Disfiguring the Victim's Body in Sade's Justine,' in Veronica Kelly and Dorothea von Mucke (eds.), Body and Text In the Eighteenth Century (Stanford University Press:Stanford, 1994), p. 247.

    I hope this helps a little.
  • RE: the Society of Biblical Literature style.
    The style guide itself is found here:
    (The link above is to the student supplement to the guide.)
    Note that the first thing that people who want the SBL style itself would like to see is the ability to do the style's two means of bibliographic citation (which follow Chicago's foot/endnote style, and author-date style), not biblical citations, which are in fact a fairly minor part of the Style spec. Citation of the Bible itself (and other ancient texts) is a useful long-term goal, especially for sharing notes, but for now it is probably most efficient to do it in the traditional way, by typing biblical citations out manually.

    The two SBL bibliographic styles are variants of Chicago. For the notes version, I have yet to come across actual variations to the Chicago style, except for perhaps the following:
    (1) It is fairly common to do both full foot/endnotes AND a full reference list. Current Chicago styles support makes you choose one.
    (2) It is common to use a set of fairly standard abbreviations for Series Titles (as is common elsewhere with Journal titles). AFAIK, neither Zotero nor CSL has support for Series Title abbreviations yet.
  • drrayl - thanks - that's very helpful.
    A new version will be there soon with hopefully the new additions made.
    Two questions

    1. Its often common to have a chapter from a book or a journal entry with page numbers in the zotero entry, so the chapter might have in the reference that it is pages 65-78, but you can also cite the page number specifically, as in p. 66. What do you do in this case, currently I'm missing out the first page refs.

    2. In the chapter reference you gave above, is any of it italicised?

    Many thanks for your help. I think there is still some work to be done on subsequent references to the same work.
  • As regards SBL, I know there is a new Chicago update arriving soon. I think its worth checking this out with a preview tool such as csledit, and then see how close it is to SBL and if there are adjustments that can be productively made.
  • Analytical Chemistry


    Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry

    Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry


  • Codec.

    On your 1. You are right as far as I can tell from examples. Where a specific page is cited, only that is included and the page range in the journal or collection is dropped.

    On your 2. Book and Journal titles are italicised. Justine as a book title in the Diplero example is also italicised.

    (Sorry - I can't see how to italicise words in these posts.)

    On subsequent references to the same work, the guidance seems to be to use author surname and a shortened work title. An example is:

    Terry Castle, 'Eros and Liberty at the English Masquerade, 1710-90', Eighteenth Century Studies, vol. 17, no. 2, 1983/4, pp. 156-76

    Subsequent cite, (with specific page ref) Castle, 'Eros and Liberty', pp. 162-3.
  • codec, thank you for your efforts creating these style files!
    i tried 'Analytica Chimica Acta' and 'Analytical Chemistry' styles using 'chrome://zotero/content/tools/csledit.xul'. both look good, but for the journal names in the bibliography only the abbreviations should be used.
  • Thanks for the report. I think that Analytica Chimica Acta should get it right - provided you have a Journal Abbr entry in zotero. The other one I'll fix.
    Let me know if there are other problems.
  • drrayl: Subsequent cite, (with specific page ref) Castle, 'Eros and Liberty', pp. 162-3.

    Think this is done now.
  • codec,
    http://www.zotero.org/styles/anal-chim-acta/dev, 2007-11-28 21:38:32
    http://www.zotero.org/styles/analytic-chemistry/dev, 2007-11-29 08:52:07
    both show still the entire journal name instead of abbreviations and i have the entries in zotero (?)
  • DOH - ok - its a 1.0.2 fix that allows it to show the short name, I forgot about that!
    Roll on 1.0.2.
  • Codec.

    Thank you. Oxford Art Journal looking very good.

    One thing. The issue number format is: no. 2, rather than (2).
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