What other citation formats would you like Zotero to generate?

We would like to know what citation and bibliography styles people in the Zotero community are yearning for. Currently Zotero exports in MLA, APA, and three varieties of Chicago styles (and an ASA format is under development).

Ultimately we intend to offer a utility which makes the process of developing new styles much more user friendly, but for the time being it is a bit more technical than our average user can muster. We are looking to put together more citation and bibliography styles that appeal to a broad audience. Post your requests for new formats in this thread. One of our programmers is going to be hammering out a handful of these styles and now is your chance to have your voice heard.
  • MHRA Style (http://www.mhra.org.uk/Publications/Books/StyleGuide/) would be much appreciated.
  • The elaborate style of the German Archaeological Institute would be worth a try: http://www.dainst.org/medien/de/richtlinien_keyword%20list_english.html
    BTW, is there a solution to incorporate mandatory abbreviations of periodica etc. into the citation?
  • IEEE format would be very widely useful
  • Science, Nature, Journal of Molecular Biology, Molecular Microbiology, PNAS .... unfortunately each one has its own quirks..... I also wanted to mention a bug that might need to be fixed: within the word document the format of the intext citation results in having two empty parenthesis after the first author's name...
    great program by the way, can't wait till I can access my bibliography from the computer at home, and on the road....
  • @kaischi: Yes, we plan to add abbreviated title functionality.
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    Emphasis here on "broad audience." The reason is that most styles are minor deviations from a handful of base styles. For example, journals in my field often derive from Chicago author-date or APA.

    Once we get the good collection of generic styles, it's easier to create more specific ones based on them.

    I'd say one notable hole in the current style offerings is in the sciences, math and so forth, but we need people from those areas to tell us what the handful of critical styles are.

    I guess one way is to ask what the most commonly used BibTeX styles are? Based on that, I recall AMS being one?

    Am working on two Bluebook styles for the law people, BTW. Just been swamped the past few months.
  • Nature would be really helpful: http://www.nature.com/nature/authors/gta/index.html#a5.4 . This seems to cover also other Nature journals, e.g. Nature Neuroscience.
  • A Harvard style would be great. Even better would be an EndNote style (.ens file) import function.
  • Not sure what format type it is, but this is what I use.
    Name FIMI (x6) et al. Title. Journal. Year;Volume(Issue):Pages.
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    A generic scientific style would be great. Ex:

    Author A, Author B, Author C and Author D. 2007. An example scientific reference. Journal of Zotero Forums 1(2): 3-4.


    Author A, Author B, Author C, Author D (2007) An example scientific reference. J Zot For 1:3-4

    or something similar. You get the idea. Each journal has slightly different requirements, and if the format were close to this, with the ability to tweak slightly (and perhaps "Save as..." a custom format), that would be all we (I) would need.

    Also, there should be an option to choose: number (with a corresponding in-text citation of a number), sort alphabetically, or sort in order of appearance in the text (for the bibliography).
  • @CSG -- there is a Harvard CSL file in my repository. It just hasn't made it into Zotero yet.

    As for an Endnote import function, part of the reason why we need an open format like CSL (which is XML) is precisely because aside from BibTeX's BST language, the rest are all proprietary and binary. So while it might be nice to have, I don't think it's that easy to do.

    I think the real mid-to-long-term solution is a really nice web app that allows users to create new styles by editing existing ones, and for those styles to then be distributed over the web; accessible to a variety of tools (including Zotero) not unlike weblog feeds and such.

    The kind of network effect that would enable would make it possible to build up a huge collection of styles fairly quickly.

    Alas, there's some infrastructure work still to be done to realize that, and we really need a web-design and coding wizard somewhere to step up and do it.
  • Footnote/Endnote formats for MLA and MHRA would be very useful
  • I agree with bdarcus that some minor changes can always be made by users themselves on the basis of some general form of citations. Having too many formats packed in zotero for all users would make it very unwieldy. the plugin way to do it would be good.
    There are just so many citation formats in English already, so it would be a great plus for zoteor if it can provide some formats for non-English users, say Chinese, Korean, Japan?
    I am writing my dissertation in the past few months, and given my suffers with Chinese ciation and bibliography and the fact that we lack a simply but effetive Chinese tool for this, Zotero will have chance to win huge Chinese users. Thanks for all the excellent work! Can't wait for the next beta version. It will come out within this week, right? Look very much forward to it but no press.
  • History and Theory Style as is in Endnote. thanks
  • History and theory
  • I'll be using the SBL Manual of Style, a variation on Chicago promoted by the Society of Biblical Literature.
  • I use MHRA as well,
  • @dengcomm: see this.

    CSL styles are language-agnostic, and language terms are defined in these separate locales files. Feel free to send me a translation if you like.

    Note that Zotero would have to explicitly support the language feature for it to work. Not sure if it does yet or not.
  • Nature and the Nature family of journals
    PLoS family of journals
    TRENDS family of journals.
  • MHRA too, yes, please!
  • I use IEEEXplore and Science Direct quite a bit and need to cite these in Harvard format.

    Thanks :-)
  • Please add JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) citation style.


  • Just to put in a shout out for legal (Bluebook) citations. There really isn't a good legal citation manager out there, especially for Macs ... and it's a style that probably has more people using it than almost any other citation style. You would capture a big market for Zotero if you got Bluebook citation and integration with Word right. Many thanks for your work on this.
  • Posting in support of raw bibtex entries, e.g. @book{author="",...} etc.

    With these, we (or the zotero back end) can generate any desired citation
    text simply by manipulating the latex bibliographic style rules.

  • Zotero can already export raw bibtex.
  • Hi:

    I need the support for Bibliographic/ Reference Vancouver Style. I´m thinking a new information service for bibliographic repository in Medical and Public Health Domain, so this extension is great for it.

    Best regards
  • I would like to see the ACM format supported in bibliography export and the Word citation plugin.

  • MAJOR ditto for bluebook.
  • IEEE. See their style guide for bibliographic formatting:


    This link has other resources (including bibtex definitions):

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