Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android

  • Thanks. But I assume one can download the PDF from the Zotero library, read on another reader, and import that into Zotero?
  • @watdryhope at the moment doesn't seem possible from the mobile app because there is no way to access the attachments through the filesystem. You could probably download it from the web library and then re-import through the mobile app though.
  • @watdryhope on android, there's an app called zoo for zotero that allows you to read and edit pdfs in any third party pdf readers such as Adobe reader or Xodo, and then it detects any changes you've made and uploads to your zotero library.
  • So excited to try this out! I've been desperately waiting for the android app since purchasing a Boox Note Air 2. Any info on when more slots will open?

  • @atnoir thanks. i've been using this but it's a little buggy. often times out when downloading or uploading pdfs that aren't quite small.

    @Ioannes thanks for this.
  • for all Onyx boox users:

    For me the target would be to have it fully synchronized in Zotero Server and automatically, and use the NeoReader for directly from Zotero App.

    I can currently workaround like:
    I use Zotero + ZotFile + Syncthing to synchroniye my library in Zotero to a my Max Lumi.
    afterwards I mad some ink annotation, or I selected some texts, and saved the PDF, i can get the PDF with my annotations extracted pseudo-automatically, and it creates a copy in the Zotero library as "xxx__annotated.pdf".
  • The solution for boox users should be that zotero allows to open files with an external app. Obsidian lets you do it, you keep it pressed and select "Open Externally" and that option calls opens the default pdf editor or if isn't selected, the list of software that is capable to open PDF.

    Is very simple to implement and is useful for everybody. If Zotero makes this open available i will migrate all my library of papers to Zotero and pay for storage as will main stream my workflow.
  • there is currently no way to add notes, only annotations, correct?
  • @mtitz You can add standalone notes by the plus sign next to collection name at the top bar. Also you can add child notes by clicking on the (i) symbol at the end of item and using add note section near the bottom. If you are asking about the note section in the PDF reader, no that's not possible and I don't know if it is planned or not.
  • Regarding notes, is it possible to have images on them and have them show up in the Android app? Right now, they just show an empty square but I wasn't sure if I am missing something. They show up on my Windows laptop just fine.
  • @librarygeekadam: The mobile apps don't yet have the new note editor from Zotero 6 with support for embedded images and annotations/citations.
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    @dstillman thank you!

    @dstillman, I take it by "don't yet" it is coming...?
  • Great job! Waiting for webdav sync to be supported.
  • Webdav is the one thing that's holding me back as well
  • I got one of the slots, I am enjoying be able to read documents on an apps web. My only suggestion/recommendation is in regard to the gui for notes and comments. Currently the gui blocks the resource would to make a note about. Can a way be found for the user to be allowed to move the gui out of the way on the screen
  • nice! i managed to get a slot finally hahaha, previously I always missed it.

    Absolute first impression: It looks comfortable to use!
    Two things I immediately noticed that I might need to get used to / that could *potentially* be improved --> Nr1: The sync anymation (scroll down for the wheel to show up) seems to have a different response-time for me, no Idea what this could mean. Perhaps it was synching in the background already... but the same happens if I'm in the editing section of an item, sometimes it closes quick, sometimes not at all xD
    Nr2: If I go into a nested subcollection (main library>example>sub-collection), there doesn't seem to be a way to *just* go up one level. I can only go back to the collections overview, which might be intended but was a bit confusing to me. Also, the libraries tab seems really empty as a base directory but that's probably because I dont have many shared libraries)

    (For now, one last thing: It would be kinda nice to be able to export items)

    Anyways, great job! I'm looking forward to what's coming next.

  • In the Android beta, on some of sources saved in zotero do not open automatically. When click on the pdf of the source I get square inside a circle. I can't open things. Is that because of the delay. Any help would be appreciated
  • Please add Webdav support, it is so much needed! it is only reason I can't fully enjoy the android version.
  • Hey, it's looking good. Great results so far!
    The only things that I could want as of yet, would be:

    — Ability to work with files stored locally on my tablet, without requiring them to be synced online to anything (though I am enjoying the utility of online storage!). But that's a "nice to have" feature.

    — The ability to open notes on the right (as with the desktop version); or to switch/toggle between notes and the annotations that appear on the left.

    You're providing quality stuff @dstillman (& Co.), thankyou for using your skills to the benefit of nerds & researchers everywhere!
  • Can you provide apk installation package, some users can not access Googleplay. @dstillman
  • I second the feedback of @mwa2 above regarding the navigation of collections. I think it can be simpler, i.e. would be better to have all libraries, collections, and subcollections in the same view like the desktop app.

    @novwyz, search google you'll find an apk available
  • I had been waiting for this app for years! Thanks a lot!
    All my library is stored in OneDrive and linked through Zotfile. Will it be possible to annotate these files in the android app?
  • @if87 no. Just as for iOS and the web library, the Android app will not work with linked files. There's no reasonable way to make that work.
  • @adamsmith thanks for the reply. Are you aware of ways to massively move files to either zotero storage (but could be too expensive) or other storages connected through webdav (which will be supported as far as I understand)?
  • @if87: Tools → Manage Attachments → Convert Linked Files to Stored Files
  • (stored files would be used for both webDAV and Zotero File Storage: that's a separate sync setting that you can toggle).
  • @ PranasC (two days ago): the square in the circle signals that a file is being downloaded. the segments of the circle indicate the amount of the file that remains to be downloaded. If the file is large, or the connection slow, this may obviously take longer, and hence you may see the relevant sign sometimes for longer, or if you move away from a wifi connection it may get stuck there (assuming you are using for example an e-reader that only runs on wifi, but not mobile data) .
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