Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android

  • Upon further testing the beta app on a Boox Note Air 3c, while “balanced” or faster allows accurate highlighting, the methed looks like a box and therefore cannot highlight with accuracy text on multiple lines where the end of highlight is horizontally before the start.

    Additionally, “inking” with the Wacom stylus is virtually unusable.
  • any timeline when new test places/the full version will be launched?
  • @hartcapl: Currently Android 6. We're not yet committing to any particular minimum version, but I wouldn't expect 11 or 12 to be a problem anytime soon.
  • In which directory are local attachments stored on Android?
  • Wow! Looking forward to those lucky enough to get into the beta to talk about integration with Boox
  • Can a wait-list for the beta be created? I missed the train.
  • @dstillman thanks for your response. much appreciated.
  • Not in the first thousand (:-() but looking forward to this release: Being able to read and annotate again on my tablet will return what Zotero 6, and the death of ZotFile, took away!

    I'm not going to keep checking back for an expanded beta, but if there's a mailing list for notificaiton I will gladly sign up...
  • Wow exciting! I can't wait to try it out, been waiting for this for a while. Thank you for all your hard work on it!
  • Will the source code for the android app be open as well? Or is it already and I just didn't find it?
  • Thank you Zotero team! So much looking forward to trying this out when more people are allowed to download it!
  • @rkpirlo

    Can you just add the folder which has zotero docs to the boox library path? That's essentially what I was doing with a sync folder and it worked pretty well.
  • Great work!
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    +1 on the waitlist. Kudos to developers of Zotero for providing an open source, open access solution for the academia. Without any commercial interest, they beat their main competitors which deserves appreciation.

    As a future request, I would love to have the option @Ioannes mentioned. It would be epic to use Boox NeoReader without any tweaks and syncing.
  • @Ioannes You might be able to do that, but for me the problem was knowing where to find the actual pdf, as they are all in coded folders.
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    If you can find where they are stored generally then you can just add the entire directory to the onyx library. The pdfs should show up on your library screen with their proper titles.

    If they are stored in a private app directory (I think they are because I cannot find them anywhere) that will be impossible.
  • Does this app support webdev?
  • @viyuytph: The app will support WebDAV before 1.0, yes.
  • Please, extent early access to more people, i was waiting almost two years to use it with my Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, and now cant get access to it!
  • Why every time I want something, you team will release something? What a magic... However, I can't join the beta test coz its already full, can you please give users more quotes? Thanks! Great work!
  • Unfortunately the beta is full: anyone knows how it work on Samsung Fold 5? Bigger screen, s-pen, it would be a dream that comes true!
  • I wasn't able to get it with first thousand lucky people. But I added it to my wishlist. I don't suppose that it will notify me when it get quota, but if devs announce it from this thread I guess we will get notified.
  • I'm also looking forward to expanding the beta group :(
    Go Go devs! :D
  • Please expand it for more feedback, i use it heavly for sure..
  • "The early access programme is currently full"
  • Is there any plan to add WebDAV support? Unluckily I failed to join beta but managed to build the app with the source code on GitHub. I do not have an active subscription and am currently using WebDAV for PDF storage. It seems that I cannot access them in the app.
  • As far as I know, an Android project called Zoo for Zotero has already implemented this feature...
  • Sorry for missing the announcement that WebDAV will be supported before 1.0, but I think that the version is already 1.0.0-41?
  • WebDAV will be supported before the Android app comes out of beta, that's what "1.0" refers to in that context -- all other versions are 1.xxxxx beta.
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