Which site translators would you like to see?

  • http://www.copernicus.org/EGU/bg/
  • OAIster

    This site aggregates records from digital libraries around the world and has nice, clean metadata for digital objects -- especially images.
  • Here are two sites I would like to see supported.


    The first is a subscription service for accessing journals through the American Theological Library Association.

    The second is where I store all of the bibliographical information from my personal library.
  • ATLA is already supported through OVID.
  • 3 french catalogs from the Paris 5 University, (France) :

    BIUP -
    (SirsiDynix : Horizon 7.3, HIP 3)
    Zotero buttons appear, but an error occurs while saving item

    BIUM - http://hip.bium.univ-paris5.fr
    (SirsiDynix : Horizon 7.3, HIP 3)
    no button at all

    SCD Paris 5 - http://babel.bu.univ-paris5.fr/
    (Aleph 500)
    Zotero buttons appear, but an error occurs while saving item
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    You said "ATLA is already supported through OVID"

    On March 19, Scot said "I can use ATLA through EBSCOhost with somewhat better success."

    I have subscribed to ATLA (actually, ATLAS) through their website. How do I access their database through these other sites?

  • USPTO site works great. I would like to have the Canadian Patent Database translator available.

  • I'd lie to see the following added:

    Science.gov (http://www.science.gov)
    US Geological Survey (http://www.usgs.gov)
    National Science Foundation (http://www.nsf.gov)
  • I would very much like to have the Norwegian academic library search "Bibsys Ask" supported:


  • American Meteorological Society
  • European Geosciences Union

  • Scopus. Its translation should be a important point to use Zotero for dozens of scientists around me. Thanks in advance
  • Social Annotations: www.diigo.com
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    Not least because it's used by the RHS Bibliography that I mentioned earlier:


    EDIT: I was working on this myself and made some progress but gave up because Adlib XML isn't as detailed as MODS, and the RHS don't seem to have applied it consistently.
  • Social Science Research Network (SSRN) http://www.ssrn.com/

    Also, Times Select doesn't seem to be functioning (based on two tests), despite being listed as supported.
  • It would be very good to have the BBC news site (http://news.bbc.co.uk). Reliefweb (http://www.reliefweb.int) would be useful for researchers in the humanitarian sector.
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    1. Microfinance Gateway Library (http://www.microfinancegateway.org/section/library/).
    Most items in the library can not be found in other Zotero-supported sources (http://ideas.repec.org/; etc ).

    2. Centre for Economic Policy Research
  • I would like to see the University of Pittsburgh's library added. It can be found here:
    Also, while it has been mentioned before, it would be great if www.LibraryThing.com was supported.
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    My wishlist:
    Biomed Central (http://www.biomedcentral.com/) - actually this is not related at all to Pubmed Central as amend 58 erroneously wrote in an earlier post
    Cell Press journals (http://www.cellpress.com/)
    Public Library of Science (PlOS, http://www.plos.org/)

    Keep up the great work ...
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    Science Direct - http://www.sciencedirect.com/

    Emerad - http://www.emraldinsight.com/

    These would be really useful for lots of UK researchers in science, engineering and management.

    Keep up the excellent work with Zotero!
  • Thanks for BioMed Central!

    Another request for
    Pubmed Central, since it doesn't work using the Biomed Central scraper.
    Pubmed Central is probably the most important repository/journal site for biomedical researchers that is not yet covered by Zotero.

    So as Johannes states above BioMed Central and PubMed are separate, but as I wrote earlier they do have a working relationship with each other. (See http://www.biomedcentral.com/info/about/faq?name=pubmed). But again, a scraper for Pubmed Central would be very useful as Pubmed Central includes many important biomedical journals.

  • Bryn Mawr Classical Review would be nice.
  • Scopus would be great. Thanks.
  • NASA ADS would be fantastic.

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    Project Muse (http://muse.jhu.edu) carries a bunch of history and humanities journals; I'd love to see it supported.

    (Edit: Project Muse is supported currently, but my university uses a proxy-server-based system which renames it to muse.jhu.edu.resources.library.my.university.domain for offcampus access, and Zotero seems not to pick up any of the metadata, at least from articles on the journal GLQ. How does Zotero work with references of this format?)
  • I heard about Zotero via the Library Geeks podcast. I'm just learning how to use Zotero. Thank you for this software/new feature of Firefox.
  • What about grabbing citations from books posted on Librarything (http://www.librarything.com)?
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