Which site translators would you like to see?

  • Support for bibisys.no would be very nice and would make me an avid zotero evangelist here in Scandinavia.
  • Ovid, Web of Science, Cambridge Journals Online
  • Second the request for ISI Web of Science - that one alone will cover 99% of what many physical scientists need....
  • ISI Web of Science

    library of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Optical Society of America


  • Like to see support for german Library Catalogs. Even if they are based on Aleph there are errors:
    see TU Berlin:
    or from the HBZ:

    Also support for PICA Systems like the GBV, the german nation library and the state library of Berlin would be great:
  • A major one for most physicists: http://arxiv.org/
  • I'm seconding ACM's portal... plus translating Indiana University's Main Library site would be awesome.
  • scitation.aip.org
  • mailman archives and common webmail programs
  • I'm a biologist and also misses ISI web of knowledge.
    The ASFA-database (Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts) through CSA-Illumina is also very good, and has a lot more abstracts than ISI (older papers).
    Thirdly, I support the suggestion from snauth, while correcting the spelling to bibsys.no
  • I heavily use ISI web of science and the elsevier journals at sciencedirect. Although there's no automatic detection yet, I think the priority should be to add detection to sites which can't export ISI/RIS (such as those two sites). Since Zotero can catch those "Endnote exports," it seems like a "good enough" work around.

    (I wish that these big databases would just embrace COinS or unAPI or another common microformat!)
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    UMI ProQuest Digital Dissertations
    University of Toronto Library
    http://www.annee-philologique.com/ (invaluable for classicists)
  • ACM would be a godsend. That would be my top choice.

    Followed by ProQuest (ABI/Inform, National Newspapers, Dissertations; don't know if they share sufficient similarities to use a single translator)

    --Liz Lawley
  • Hein Online
  • Nature would be fantastic; the RIS files don't seem to be happy with (my copy of) Zotero. Also, ISI would solve 90% of my problems; I'll pop over to developers to see if I can help with this.

    Amazing tool, by the way. Thank you so much.
  • Scopus is at the top of my list

    I was also unable to get OCLC/FirstSearch to recognize Zotero, although this is on the Zotero list of recognized sites.
  • Upenn (www.library.upenn.edu) library does not work. Drexel library does.
    ISI and Medline (not a big deal since pubmed works) do not work.
  • The icon is not showing up for CNN.com
  • It seems that the sites that need a membership work better than free sites.

    Free sites for Economics /Management papers
    Ideas which uses RePEc

    Thanks Dan
  • I'd love to see Zotero work with the library catalog at the University of Mary Washington . The icon appears when I get a list of results, but I get a "Could not save" error when I click it. The icon doesn't appear at all when I go to full record view. . .
  • http://www.sciencedirect.com + Econlit
  • Once Metalib 4.0 is released in early 2007, it would be enormously helpful to see a site translator for it. I'm sure customers of other metasearch engines would make that a high priority also (and I'm sure the Zotero developers could find subscribing sites that would grant them test accounts for access).
  • There was an early post in this thread about the OhioLINK Electronic Journal Center. We're moving to a new interface in January (public preview available now) that will include Zotero support for individual articles.
  • I have been in email correspondence with librarians at my university. I was wondering if I could forward some of these emails to someone at the Zotero project, since they contain tech stuff that might be of use for making zotero work with some of our research databases. If so, please email or post an email address I can send this info to. Thanks
  • You can send the info to translators at zotero.org.
  • http://grovemusic.com

  • I would also like to put in a vote for ISI Web of Science.
  • Nature and descendants
    Science and so on
  • Translators I would like to see ...

    1) OCLC|PICA's Dutch Union catalogue ('Picarta' )

    2) Catalogue of the Universiteit van Amsterdam

    3) Emerald

    4) The ACM Digital Library

    Keep up the good work!

    (and thanks so far...)

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