Which site translators would you like to see?

  • I would also vote for the ACM portal
  • American Theological Library Association . This is a subscription site, but I will be spending a LOT of time here over the next 4 years, so if Zotero can read it, it will save me lots of time.

    I'm mainly interested in the Serials subscription.
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    Can't remember many that did work at the moment, but for starters I'd like to see support for the Erowid Refereces Vault, MAPS Bibliography and Wiley Interscience. Amazon.com incorrectly puts ISBNs in the Extra field at the moment.
  • Inculding Australian premium (and free) combined library catalogue database would be great for all people here not just academics and students:


    Thank you.
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    For many sites, like nature.com, it's possible import an item into Zotero by simply clicking on the link that's called something like "Export reference". This is almost as good as a translator, the only difference being that instead of having an icon in a standard place (the address bar), one must instead locate the "Export reference" link on the site in question.

    Therefore, how about this for some rudimentary "translators":

    For nature.com: Zotero knows to look for a hyperlink called "Export reference" and click on it.

    For prl.aps.org: Zotero knows to look for a drop-down-list item called " - Endnote @ (RIS)" and click on it.

    Is this just as good as teaching Zotero how to scrape the page, or am I missing something?
  • i vote for proquest databases. though they look like they're all the same format (from my library service anyway) what i use is the historical newspapers.

    similarly, EbscoHost Direct databases like Academic Search Premier.

    both of these seem to be recognized by Zotero currently but I've always gotten the "cannot be saved / contact translator author" error.

    thanks for you consideration :)
  • Thank you for developing such a great tool.

    Support for ISI Web of Science would be very, very helpful.
  • Royal Historical Society Bibliography of British and Irish History:

  • Microsoft Live Search Academic. Now you can copy and paste the references in several formats which Zotero can import, but there's no 1-click functionality.

  • //I was also unable to get OCLC/FirstSearch to recognize Zotero,//

    I cannot get this to work either. I also get errors with Ebsco. I can't import RIS anymore either. Sadly, I often times end up repeating the search through Google Scholar and grabbing the reference from there, if it's available. I've been doing a lot of hand entry lately. :P
  • NACSIS Webcat, which searches university libraries throughout Japan.

    http://webcat.nii.ac.jp/webcat.html (Japanese interface)
    http://webcat.nii.ac.jp/webcat_eng.html (English interface)
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    Verbundkatalog GBV http://gso.gbv.de/DB=2.1/LNG=EN/

    Covers a substantial part of German libraries.

    Edit: Noticed only just now that this has been requested already...
  • Edutopia
  • APS sites, such as

    pra.aps.org (and variations, such as prb, prc, prd and pre)

    And the IOP site

  • I'll second APS sites. But really, having a translator for ISI Web of Science almost makes translators for these separate science journals redundant. The only problem (for me) is that Web of Science capitalises all its journal names!, so that Zotero ideally needs some sort of name-standardising feature.
  • I would like to see working support for the Horizon Information Portal 3.0, which is what is used by the libraries of the University of Chicago. Zotero pretends to work, i.e. an icon shows up at the end of the URL, but when it is clicked, an error message appears that says COULD NOT SAVE ITEM, An error occurred ... contact the translator author.
  • One vote more for Wiley Interscience (http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/home),

    and an ask for the Royal Society of Chemistry (http://www.rsc.org/Publishing/)

    PS: Thanks a lot to all your team, you're doing a really great job, and totally transform my way to do bibliography.
  • http://libcat.uchicago.edu/

  • http://www.iris.rutgers.edu

    Love zotero!
  • @Peter R. Murray,
    libcat.uchicago uses Dynix, which is already supported by Zotero (and the U Chicago catalog works for me)

    IRIS uses SIRSI, which is also already supported by Zotero & your catalog works fine for me too)
  • Talis Prism [1] which at least several UK research libraries [2,3] use.

    What would I have to learn to write a translator?

    [1] http://www.talis.com/products/talis_prism.shtml
    [2] http://star.shef.ac.uk/TalisPrism/
    [3] http://www.library.manchester.ac.uk/catalogue/
  • Turabian. It is a very close relative of Chicago but has some additional formatting for theological studies (particularly the formatting of entries in multi-volume theological dictionaries, multi-volume linguistic wordbooks, etc...).

    Thanks for your consideration,

  • Jstor
    Academic Search Premier

    I look forward to the day Zotero can detect all the bibliographic info that comes up on a search page from these sites, let me choose the articles I want, and then automatically download and RENAME the associated PDF file in my favored style (Last name of first author, year, Article title).

    Keep up the great work! I haven't dumped Endnote yet but I expect to as this program gets further along. It already has many advantages over Endnote but I have a lot invested in my Endnote 7 library so I am going to wait just a little longer to switch . . .
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    Engineering Village

    Searches Inspec and Compendex. MUCH better than IEEExplore, at least for electrical engineers.

    Better than current version of google scholar.

  • Thanks for a great extension! I am an astronomer, and I use the Smithsonian/NASA ADS, and would love to have support for it

  • This is a great! We would love to have our scholars and researchers be able to add records from:


    We are a Voyager 6.2 library, but right now no icon appears in the URL for users to add stuff to Zotero, unlike from the Library of Congress catalog, which is also a Voyager library. If it's something we need to fix on our end, please let us know ...
  • just noticed that zotero does not recognize los angeles times -- that would be nice to have
  • It would be great if a few news sites from NZ/Oz were compatible:


    Excellent product folks. Thanks very much.
  • http://thetis.hbz-nrw.de/ . This is a metasearch of almost all of the german libraries. - I would be willing to help write it.
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