Feature Request Zotero Beta (Windows) + iOS Beta (iPad): ePUB reading

Hi zotero devs!

Loving the Zotero and iOS Betas. I have quite a few ePUB files in my bibliographies, however, and would love if the PDF reader also read and annotated ePUB files, if possible! Thanks
  • I would also like to see this, since many eBooks are just available as EPub and even if you’re able to convert some into PDF, these are in a worse format than a Book published as PDF.

    Some publishers, e.g. springer if you’re in pleasure of a university subscription, are delivering their scientific books in both ways. While reading (drm freed) EPUBs is a general pleasure, it breaks my workflow with Zotero if I read & annotate them them in restrictive closed source applications like iBooks.

    I appreciate the work the devs are putting into integrating the main functions in one app, and think this is a big step forward! Thank you and I hope the subscription partly pays the bill's.
  • This would be a useful feature, as many of the monographs in my library are ePUBs.
  • Thank you @axre and @whuber; I'm glad you also think it'll be a useful feature! @dstillman would this be possible for future iterations of Zotero?
  • +1
    Being able to effectively grab epub info, including annotations, would be very helpful. I read/annotate epub mainly in Google Play Books and ProQuest through my university library.
  • This would be an immensely valuable addition to Zotero, in part because the epub reader market is a bit of a mess in terms of academic use. There are a variety of readers, but they are variously inelegant, inefficient, don't allow annotations, and/or hold your annotations hostage in a proprietary format.
  • +1

    I am also missing this feature.
  • +1 for that one.

    Since the new PDF reader is based on pdf.js and since there exists ePub.js as well (https://github.com/futurepress/epub.js) I have the small hope that it might be possible to conceive ePub support in a similar way, including annotations. Probably something for a time when the new PDF reader has been officially rolled out?
  • +1
    This would be an very useful feature and make my workflow very efficient!
  • +1

    It would be a huge upgrade to my workflow if I could read and annotate epubs in Zotero.
  • +1
    This will be very helpful and will add an extra value to the new reader mode in the Beta version.
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