Group new member request email not sent/received

I am admin for two groups. When someone submits a request to join a group, should I be getting an email notification? I do not.
  • There is a preference to receive an email for group applications on
  • Thanks. I should have added that I have that preference checked, but still do not get an email.
  • In that case, yes you should get one.

    I can see we've attempted to send you 4 of them since February which should have at least been sent to your email server, though anything beyond that point we have less insight into.
  • Yes, 4 sounds right. So these "sent" emails are identical to the messages in my inbox when I login to Zotero, right?

    I've switched my primary email to see if that solves the issue.
  • The messages included in the emails and the internal notifications (that show in your inbox on are the same yes.
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