Highlight Colours

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    And whether it possible to add more annotation styles, such as (wavy) underlines / strikethrough lines, and text boxes?
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    I need more colors!! please!!
  • Would absolutely love extra highlighting colors!
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    Finally made the switch from Mendeley and enjoying Zotero, but definitely miss the highlighting options I had there.
  • +1 I love the reader, but for now I can't really use it due to the few available colors.
  • Please more colors. Seems simple enough and apparently was already there in past iterations of Zotero. Love this application, please, as a paying member, make it this much more better.
  • In the latest Zotero beta, we've added three additional highlight colors in the PDF reader and note editor and restored the ability to set text colors in notes. These changes will be included in Zotero 6.0.22.
  • Thanks! Have tried these out and these look great.

    Is there a possibility to have these customised (names and colours) - so that we can, for eg, add more colours and classify them accordingly? eg, I use about 10 different styles of highlights depending on context, so would be very useful to add, say, "Cyan" or "Olive" to the existing colour options or to be able to use non-colour names like "argument"/"important" for customization of annotations.
  • @kavana: And you'd want the same color labels to apply across all documents?
  • @dstillman yes - the idea is to have a customisable set of highlights and labels that stay consistent for annotating across all documents.
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    +1 for more colours, underline options. also if we can have an option change opacities and depth of colours to suit our visual comforts - this would be brilliant!
  • @dstillman The new colours are awesome. I actually came here to request three more as I am having trouble maintaining my highlighting system.

    The ability to custom-name them would be awesome.

    As would the ability to underline.

    Thanks for your team's hard work!
  • The additional annotation colors are available now in Zotero 6.0.22.
  • @dstillman I just found this discussion today trying to figure out how to add new colors. Amazing timing!

    The new colors are really good (:
    Thank you!!
  • I think five colors is good. I dislike the additional annotation colors because I need to spend more time to choose the color. So it will be better to have customisable set of highlights .
    Thank you for your team's hard work!
  • Ability to underline, please!!
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    Thank you, dev team for adding additional colour options. I have just updated Zotero so will have a play.

    Would it be possible to insert an option to put my "key to highlight colours" at the top of my notes?
  • Having named colors or a annotation color key would be fantastic.
  • Like @kavana and others I would love the ability to custom re-name my highlight colors. Not an urgent request as I only use four different colors and I can remember what they mean, but it would be neat :)
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    +1 for customisable PDF highlight colours which can be softened/reduce saturation (default are too bright and it is hard to go back to read the underlying text with all except yellow)
    +1 for searchable colour coding
    +1 for more customisable colours in the tag list (currently only 9 tags can be colour coded) because they show up in the library list beside the title for easier sorting/finding categories of tagged items from the list view. Alternatively the additional ability to mark items with a "star" or other symbol.
  • +1 to be able to re-name highlight colours; like many others, I have a logic to which colours I use in an article, but would be nice to be able to add the logic directly into the app and have it saved to my account

    Thanks for the additional colours, though!!
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    About naming annotations colors (edit: as requested by @atknapp): may I invite you to try the following template below?
    Similar request had been made and I sketched out something.
    See this feature request about labelling highlight text colors.

    {{if color =='#ffd400'}}
    <p> yellow highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#ff6666'}}
    <p> red highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#5fb236'}}
    <p> green highlight {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#2ea8e5'}}
    <p> blue highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#a28ae5'}}
    <p> purple highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#e56eee'}}
    <p> magenta highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#f19837'}}
    <p> orange highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    {{elseif color == '#aaaaaa'}}
    <p> gray highlight: {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>
    <p> {{highlight}} {{citation}} {{comment}}</p>

    Just replace "yellow highlight: ", "red highlight: " and so on with the re-name you need.
    NB: Observe the use of colon and space at the end ": " and see if you want it or not.
    NB2: Rest of the pattern follow the template that was set by default i.e. {highlight citation comment} on the same line, without blockquote (see link to Zotero documentation for templates in the thread mentioned above).
    NB3: the last part {{else}} is superfluous in the case where all the colors are labeled. Because then there won't be any scenarios matching the "else" case (all colors are used). I put it to maintain the logic explicit, and because if you do not label all colors (let say gray stay as default), all you have to do is to delete the corresponding block starting with {{elseif ...}} (or {{if}} in the special case of the yellow) and keep the {{else}} block at the end.
  • @alflamingo thanks for this suggestion - it wouldn't work for those of us needing more/fewer colours for highlighting than the default though, if I understand templates correctly?
  • @kavana Yes that is correct. It is a template for renaming highlight colors, as it was requested above by @atknapp.

    The title of this thread is ambiguous as it merges two different topics or demands - namely adding more colors and naming colors.
  • Oh, that's very helpful - *thank* you!! Now I just need to figure out how to apply it :)

    But the hard work's done, much appreciated.
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