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I really like that you finally included a pdf reader in Zotero and version 6 looks awesome, speaking of the new note editor, the tabbed view, etc.

I have a question regarding highlight colours and the switch from Skim.app as pdf reader.

So far, I have read all my scientific pdf files in Skim, while managing them in Zotero. Now that you included a pdf reader in Zotero itself, I was thinking about moving from skim to Zotero completely, but I have a problem adapting to the colour schemes.

Is or will it be possible to change the highlight colours or add new ones?
This is the first question.

The second is related to the first one: In Skim, I used 7 different colours to mark my pdfs. Now, I am wondering how I should import all those highlights in Zotero, wondering because there are only 5 different colours available and wondering how I should do this because Skim saves notes and highlights in the metadata of pdf files or, if activated, creates .skim files that contain the notes and highlights only.

Thanks for advice.
  • Extending the issue raised by @HirschiS , in Zotero 6 we have only 5 colours for highlighting, both in the new (and much appreciated!) PDF reader, and in the notes that we can append to the various items.

    In Zotero 5 and earlier versions there was a much wider selection of colours. I guess that many users, just like me, took advantage of these multiple colours so as to highlight many different topics, subjects etc in large textual excerpts (in my personal case, long archival transcriptions, in the first place).

    I notice that the Notes editor displays those colours that I introduced under Zotero 5, but doesn't allow me to select those very additional colours in the case of new Notes.

    I would be very grateful if you could reintroduce a large palette of colours in the Notes editors, and also implement the same function in the brilliant new PDF readers.

    Thanks for your great work!
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    seconding paoloaranha! the different highlight colors were essential to my method of organization. i would appreciate if someone at least addressed this concern
  • That is exactly what I want. But my reason is a bit different from you guys, and it makes me a little upset when I have not found anyone who likes me in colour-distinguishing problem. I can't easily distinguish Purple from Blue at highlighting colours. I am very frustrated==
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    I would really appreciate the presence, at least, of orange, gray and dark blue colours, so at least to move close to Adobe Acrobat's palette.

    Also, an underlining tool would be handy; a free-text tool to add side-paragraph annotations... but there is time to develop better the already comfortable, internal PDF reader.
  • +1

    Additionally, would be great to have different ink size.
  • I'd like to be able to create custom colors or have roughly twice as many colors as are currently available (the more the merrier).
  • +1 I have a system where I use 9 different colors to highlight different types of information. It would be great if there would be more colors and if the user could specify custom highlight colors. Interestingly when I import a PDF into Zotero 6 that already has highlights in other colors from anther software (e.g. Paperpile) I can see and use those in Zotero.
  • +1 here as well.

    I'd be happy if I could just customize the color options that are there. I'd like to use different shades of the highlight colors. I use lighter/brighter shades of these colors in my highlighting outside Zotero and would like to be able to set Zotero to match.
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