Highlight Colours

  • Hmmm...@alflamingo, I've changed the "yellow highlight" (and other) text to my preferred labels, and copied and pasted that code into the


    in the Config Editor (in the Advanced Tab of the Zotero preferences), but it doesn't change the highlight labels in the app.

    Perhaps I'm not understanding what you mean by "Observe the use of colon and space at the end ": " and see if you want it or not." - could you clarify?
  • Ow this will not change the highlight label on the left pane. It appears when you create notes from highlight on the right-hand side. That's a humble workaround smaller that you could imagine I'm afraid.
  • Ah, OK...now I see what you mean (in the notes) - thanks!
  • Nice! Good Luck!
  • +1 I would really, really love the addition of more highlight colors! It would massively boost my productivity since it helps me find info in large PDFs so much faster. Thank you so much to the Zotero devs for adding the 3 new colors orange, magenta, and gray, and I hope more are on the horizon!
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