RTF/ODF Scan for Zotero

  • That message means what it says -- Bluebook doesn't define a bibliography, so there's none coded in the style either.
  • Fair enough. Thank you for talking me through it. I think I may have to use a combined approach to make the bibliography work.
  • I'm struggling to convert ODF documents and cannot see why. Nothing seems to be working. Each time I get the message 'There was an error processing this file'. This seems to be the case (1) with my old computer where I do not believe I have changed any settings since I last used ODF scan (2) with files that I have previously converted successfully, and (3) even with blank files with no scannable cites at all in them (as I know hyperlinks have previously caused issues). Could anybody suggest any means of diagnosing the issue please? I'm stuck.
  • Let's start with Zotero version and ODF Scan version
  • On new computer: 6.0.15 / zotero-odf-scan-v2.0.48
  • I've been trying different options and I think it may be that the ODF scan no longer works for zotero/select style citations
  • oh, that's certainly possible. I don't test with those -- I think you're literally the only person using them.
  • Ie a document with a single citation of { | Plucknett, 2001 | | |zu:409871:MQUFXF6D} works, but not a single citation of { | Plucknett, 2001 | | |zotero://select/items/0_MQUFXF6D}
  • Is there anything you can do to fix it?
  • edited October 4, 2022
    I can take a look, but won't be super quick, I'm afraid.

    (If you're in a pinch, search & replace
    zotero://select/items/0_ --> zu:409871: will let you convert the two formats super quickly)
  • I have hundreds of references in the hyperlink format in this document (and hundreds of thousands in my research database). Presumably I would need to manually find and replace each one?
  • No, see above -- it's a single search&replace all for the document before scan. Won't take you more than 2 minutes.
    (Unless you are also citing from groups, which would complicate this, but not by that much)
  • Phew! That seems to have worked. I was getting a little worried.
  • Thank you so much!
  • Thanks for opening the issue on github
  • Is this the place to request features? I'm very grateful for this utility and aware that technological limitations stand in the way of various proposed streamlining measures. But I would love to be able to output an ODT file with portable references, and wonder if this might not be so hard to implement. What I'm asking for is to jump rifght to what I would get if I 1) scanned the ODT, 2) opened it in LibreOffice, 3) hit Set Document Preferences and waited for it to churn through, 4) returned to Set Document Preferences and clicked Switch To a Different Word Processor, 5) clicked through the warning and waited for it to churn again, and 6) saved as a DOCX and ignored the confusing error message. Could Zotero at least skip me straight to step 6, if not all the way to the end?
  • @dboyk -- sorry, that'd be a significant rewrite of ODF scan, definitely not something I'll do and I doubt fbennett will, either. You can see if you can skip step 3, but good chance you can't.

    One of the reasons I'm not going to put a ton of effort into the add-on beyond maintenance and troubleshooting is that I really hope (and somewhat expect) Zotero will build something more robust of their own once citekeys are properly implemented across item types. I don't know exactly when that'll be, but newly introduced item types (like preprint and the soon-to-come Dataset and Standard) already have citekey
  • OK, thanks for the response, and I'll cross my fingers!
  • I'm trying to transition from Endnote to Zotero and this plugin is quite helpful for allowing me to integrate citations as I write on Scrivener, so my profound thanks to the creators. I’ve noticed that it seems to eliminate the possibility for one of the copy/paste options that I would typically use, however. Though I will most often use "Copy Selected Item Citations to Clipboard" shortcut (Mac: cmd+shift+a) to generate an in-text citation while writing (cmd+c in Endnote); I would sometimes like to be able to copy and paste the item as a Bibliographic entry. Zotero seems to do this via "Copy Selected Items to Clipboard" (Mac: cmd+shift+c), which is the equivalent of Endnote’s cmd+k. It seems that making Zotero's export settings “scannable cite” leads both cmd+shift+c and cmd+shift+a to end up with same result. Is there any way to use this plugin but also be able to take advantage of the Bibliography entry paste behavior that one would expect with "Copy Selected Items to Clipboard” in Zotero?
  • You can set this up with Zutilo
  • Thank you! That works perfectly, and shows me a lot of other possibilities as well.
  • I have a problem where Zotero will not install the add-on. I am running Zotero 7.0.0-beta.39+ecba25be0 on MacOS 13.5.2 (22G91) on a MacBook Pro with an M1 chip. I get the error message:
    The add-on "/Users/horowitzts/Downloads/zotero-odf-scan-v2.0.48.xpi" could not be installed. It may be incompatible with this version of Zotero.
  • The add on (like many others) isn't yet compatible with the beta
  • I have no success following the installation procedure:
    " place the downloaded file "Scannable Cite.js" in the Zotero data directory. Scannable Cite will appear as a translator after restarting Zotero."
    I place the js file in "Zotero\translator" folder but it not appears in Preferencies/export/quickcopy dropdown menu

    PS: My Zotero folder was moved outside C:\Users\\Zotero but works fine for all other Zotero functions
  • If you're sure you're looking in the right place -- note that Scannable Cite will appear as a translator in the list, i.e. after RIS, not as a citation style, I'd guess you're getting the .txt extension as noted in the instructions (which you need to remove).
  • (oops,. sorry, I missed the discussion in November, will fix on the site)
  • Thanks @adamsmith, It works (but may be it is also needed to restart windows (not only Zotero)). At least in my case until shutdown and restart operating systems nothing appear ;-)
    Now the translator is in the list and I am able to copy and paste in the desired format, like
    { | Kara Erol, 2024 | | |zu:1357852:7R7673QQ}{ | Wright, et al., 2024 | | |zu:1357852:4R5UZUAZ}{ | Hernandez, 2002 | | |zu:1357852:TQUFS3XY}

  • I use the writing app Ulysses and so far I have not only been dependent on ODF Scan but also happy to use it.
    I would sleep more soundly if I knew that an update of the add-on for Zotero 7 is in the pipeline. Will I be able to sleep peacefully again soon?
    Otherwise, are there alternatives that are similarly simple and robust?
    Thank you.
  • I would sleep more soundly if I knew that an update of the add-on for Zotero 7 is in the pipeline. Will I be able to sleep peacefully again soon?
    Can't promise that'll happen, sorry. I'd like there to be, and certainly hope for it, but hard to find the time and I don't think fbennett is working on it anymore.

    I do really hope that either Zotero or someone else will develops a citekey based scan that's more robust and more flexible than ODF Scan once all items have native citekeys.
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