• Could a Readme file be added to the distributed packages that give links to the Zotero website and the git repositories that go into the current package? It'd be helpful when back-tracking problems or searching for documentation. It looks like tha…
  • You're welcome! I wanted to do a pull request for this, but either I looked in the wrong repository or it's generated dynamically; can you tell me where to find it? Thanks
  • It turns out that this is exactly the problem: I've got leftovers in my library (references and attachments not in a collection). Is there a way to identify and purge them? Thanks
  • The PDFs in the data directory aren't grouped in collections, and some collections are more disposable than others. When you delete a collection, does it delete the references and PDFs? This could be why I've got too much data.
  • There's a zillion different ways to get the reference, but only pubmed fills in the abstract; Cell put the abstract into a note. Both gave the short abstract. I guess the bug is fixed.
  • I guess what I'd like to see is something other than an error message, since this isn't an error as much as it's an expected mismatch of design limits. It would come up if a user copied and pasted (or typed) an excessively large abstract, but I agr…
  • One problem is that some sites modify the pdf file you download so that it mentions when it was downloaded. This is rather annoying as two copies of the same pdf file will have different checksums.