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  • I have 6000 items in My libray
  • @dstillman there is a logical problem with my problem. I got the error when I export my library one time. I don't get the error when I cut down the library export in two halves. So it is impossible to find the item with the problem.
  • I separated into two and now I did not get any error. That means the item that's causing the problem was exported when I divided my library into two. Could you say me the item that you mentioned? thank you
  • Hi, I cut down the library in 2 halve and the problem was resolved but I need to export it at one time so I have to export it as a single file to avoid a dublication record. Thank you
  • I used again my home internet after my mobile internet. Interestingly now there is no problem. In any case I created Debug ID for you for the last time (home Internet) D309209079
  • Very interesting. I always use te same (home) internet connection for many years and just get the error. I just changed the connection as mobile hotspot and now I didn't not get any error. Debug ID is D784911941 How can I fix this problem while usin…
  • Here is Debug ID D1591003759 Thank you
  • When I try to sync, I see red exclamation mark neer sync sign 3-4 minutes later. I tried it 3-4 times.
  • I just restart the application and got error again. The report ID is 1422647746. Thank you
  • Dear @djross3 Thank you very mıch for your comprehensive solution. I mean showing it in the reference list as: Gunes, U, Maritime, Istanbul, 2015, translated into English by Veli, A, New York, 2020 I would like to show the second part which inclu…
  • I don't want to touch the code. How can I do it on the visual editor page:
  • Thank you very much. I had to refresh to see the change. I have one more question. It displays author as Campbell, J. L. but I would like to it as J. L. Campbell, how can I do that? Thank you
  • Thank you very much, But the new style doesn't show the publisher-place.
  • I copied the code to but it id not work. It shows that "something went wrong". I send you the code via transfer: Do I miss something like save the style or something? Thank you
  • I tried many times and did everything correctly. Now, I can now download the style clicking the "download style" button. The button doesn't work. Here is the code: Applied Physics Reviews…
  • Hi, This is a big issue for me. When I add en new library it always syncs with my desktop even I did not select it to sync on my desktop. Is there an easy solution? Thank you
  • Thank you very much, My last question, I have a personal unlimited storage. How many people can I share my some libraries? Is there a limit. When I see your institutions, I think that personal unlimited storage has a limit to share people. Thank y…
  • I mean they will buy an unlimited storage and around 100 people will use same storage as an institution. Is that possible? They are not looking for additional feature. Thank you.
  • Hi, Does anyone have a solution for this issue? Thank you
  • Hi, Very weird. I closed Zotero and reopened it. Then refresh it. Now the first issue (Alphabetical order problem) was solved. But I don't know why it happened. Maybe there was an additional space at the beginning of the name and I deleted it. Be…
  • Yes, I mean that. I can create a new library but it doesn't mean I want to sync it directly. If I want to sync it I have to check as a library to sync on the "choose library". First, I have to choose it from choosing library otherwise it will be co…
  • When I add a new library, it appears on the standalone unless it is clicked as sync library.
  • Hi, Yes, you are right. I think it is related to full-text content indexing in the background. Now zotero.sqlite is 141 MB and zotero.sqlite.old is 144 MB. @dstillman could you add a feature to avoid this problem? Thank you
  • Hi @bwiernik , After a while, I see that your way is okay. Thank you very much. I have a question, the zotero.sqlite.old is 144 MB but the zotero.sqlite is 54 MB. Should they be the same? Why are they different? Thank you
  • Hi, When I do your instruction, it downloads all the library again. I don't know why it did not use the current file on my computer. Thank you
  • Thank you very much, The problem is that I have 95 GB library. If I do that, I have to download all the 95 GB files again. There should be an easier way. Thank you
  • Hi, @bwiernik If I do from zotero.sqlite to zotero.sqlite.old, all my library is deleted. It is like the factory reset. @DWL-SDCA yes I mean Actually my English and explanation good…
  • Thank you. I got it.
  • Thank you. Maybe you can think about this feature for future development.