Zotero for Institution


I would like to ask if an institution version available for Zotero. An institution would like to move their library to Zotero. Is that possible?

Thank you
  • What exactly do you mean by institution version? What features are you looking for?
  • I mean they will buy an unlimited storage and around 100 people will use same storage as an institution. Is that possible?
    They are not looking for additional feature.
    Thank you.
  • Thank you very much,

    My last question, I have a personal unlimited storage. How many people can I share my some libraries? Is there a limit. When I see your institutions, I think that personal unlimited storage has a limit to share people.

    Thank you
  • There’s no limit. The institutional plans just let many people have storage. With a standard plan, only your personal library and group libraries you’re the owner of are covered.
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