Which site translators would you like to see?

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    Here are a few sites which I've come across for which translators or triggers for downloading PDFs would be good:

    Sage Publications Journals
    (should download PDF snapshot)


    EPrints, i.e.:
    (should download PDF snapshot)


  • Hi, I inquired about iris.rutgers.edu in March. The Zotero icon appears and captures data, but the capture is unusable. The come out like this:

    Title: A Guide to Recorded Music, by Irving Kolodin
    Author: [blank]
    Place: Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday, Doran and Co., 1941
    Call Number: call number:

    Or sometimes they come out worse.

  • Consider this comment another vote for http://LibraryThing.com
  • Wiley Interscience.

  • what about http://www.wipo.int/ ???
  • * Second requests for European websites. A very big Francophone one is persee.fr . I would love to see Zotero support that.
    * Second requests for PICA libary catalogs (e.g. http://opc4.kb.nl/IMPLAND=Y/SRT=YOP/LNG=NE/DB=1/ [the Dutch Royal Library], http://cat.ubn.ru.nl/DB=1/ [RU Nijmegen], etc.).
    * Second requests for the new ISI Web of Knowledge
    * PAO (Periodical Archives Online)
  • Wiley InterScience now available. Your translators will update automatically within 24 hours, or you can click "Update now" in Zotero preferences.
  • www.uky.edu/libraries

    The library catalog is infokat.uky.edu

    We're also considering using http://ukty-mt.iii.com/iii/encore/app as an alternative to our own catalog whic may help as far as standards are concerned.

  • Grove Music Online, all people who studies music will go there.

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    Thanks for adding the Public Library of Science!

    The most important biomed journal site that has not been added is Pubmed Central.
    It currently has 330 important biomed journals, most with free text!
  • I would love to see CNKI, the China National Knowledge Infrastructure. It has a page here: http://www.cnki.net/index.htm

    Many universities outside China subscribe to parts of it; in the US that's typically through http://china.eastview.com

    CNKI indexes thousands of journals, newspapers, theses, conference proceedings ... everything! It's as if all the various online services that in the West are broken up among various companies and institutions were housed in one place: current issues, back issues (some back to the early 20th century), plus some statistical data. Often, searches and abstracts are available in English, though the articles themselves are mostly in Chinese.

    It has publication information, abstracts, and in many cases PDFs and CAJs (a PDF-like format) of articles.

    For anyone doing work on China, contemporary or premodern, this is an essential source. And it is what everyone in China uses. Making Zotero work with it would both make it useful to scholars in the West and helpful to researchers in China (which it frankly isn't yet).
  • SPE's eLibrary:

    Energy Citation Database
  • The British Library
  • Geological Society of London's Lyellcollection:
  • I understand someone has already asked for this, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add ScienceDirect (part of Elsevier Science), http://www.sciencedirect.com/

  • ScienceDirect is already supported.
  • Hi,

    I know that HAL is already supported.
    It would be possible to extend it has subset of HAL
    such as

    who have the same structure on the level of records,
    but where the basic URL is different ?

    The complete list of subset is here

    NB : to match url there are two chains

    thanks for frenchies ! : -)
  • I also would like to see http://www.freepatentsonline.com which seems to be quite a large patent library!
  • I'm using the Proquest/Chadwyck Healey version of the MLA International Bibliography and as a previous commenter noted back in 2006, the zotero document icon is not appearing in the URL address box.

    This version of MLA supports a host of other tools but somehow foils Zotero. Please look into this or tell me what I'm missing. Sincerely, Helen Anderson, U Rochester
  • Here's another one. The Zotero icon appears in the URL address box for a document in ISI Web of Science's current version, BUT it doesn't appear in the new version of Web of Science which is running concurrently with the old one. The old version is due to go away in January. This is an important and widely used database.

    Helen Anderson, U Rochester
  • I'd also like to see LibraryThing supported, and from what I can tell it would be fairly straightforward for LT to support OpenURL COINS. I started this thread in LT's "Recommend Site Improvements" forum some of you might like to jump in on:

  • How hard is it to program site translators? I would need to translate Helsinki University of Technology Library search results

    https://teemu.linneanet.fi/webvoye.htm and

    But I do understand that creating translators for Finnish university libraries are propably not that useful to many people. Can I do this myself?
  • I know some of these have already been listed, but just to give them added weight:
    OvidSP (Biosis)
    Web of Science
    CAB Abstracts
    Lexis Nexis
  • The popularity of a source should inform the priority. I would give any spare time to writing one for the likes of:

    Other UN publications
    European Commission websites
  • CSIRO Publishing journals, please!

  • can we have a translator for


  • How about:


  • Journal of Vision please.

  • Pion Journals, http://www.pion.co.uk/
    including 'Perception' (eg http://www.perceptionweb.com/abstract.cgi?id=p5230)
    ('Perception does offer a nicely formatted citation, but integrating it with the Zotero reference library would be great!


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