Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android

  • Thanks for the great app. Is there a plan for implementing PDF reader? Also not being able to see related field for items is a bummer. Regardless, this is a wonderful step.
  • @ridvanbinici: There’s been a PDF reader/annotator since the beginning. Read my announcement at the beginning of this thread.
  • Sorry for my confusion, I meant the ePub/html reader.
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    Yes, EPUB/snapshot support in the reader will be coming.
  • Duly noted what has been said here before by Dan, about the WebDav coming at some point, but just to also voice the comment that I can truly start beta-testing it when the WebDav support arrives :)
  • This is great work. Is there any way We can support you (I have already purchased the cloud from you)?
  • This is FANTASTIC. thank you so much to all the developers. Truly impressed.
    Onyx Max 3, library with 12000 items plus 9 shared libraries, one of them with 2000 items, all synced seamlessly.
    I love that it does not download all attachments, but only on prompts. Saves space on my tablet. pdf reader: as others have pointed out, on boox, highlighting works really well, handwritten annotation is much slower and less precise than on the onyx pdf-reader.

    Some suggestions and questions:
    -it would be great if it were possible to undownload attachments/delete them from local storage to free up space on the tablet. But it seems to me this is not possible? Because with a very large library, what is going to happen over time is that local storage will get clogged, and the user cannot undo it, except to delete the app and reinstall it.

    -Initially I was confused, as I could not find the general settings. My library opened with all libraries visible. To see the settings cog wheel, I had to click on the faint "libraries" menu next to "my library". I find this unintuitive. I see that there are at the moment no meaningful settings anyway, so not a big issue, but I could imagine eventually that this might confuse people.

    - pdf reader/annotations: It seems there is no option to "create note from annotation" in the android app. This is inconvenient, because now we have to remember that we read something on android, then go to desktop to create an annotation. It would be great if this were available on android app.
  • @migugg:

    - Currently, you can tap and hold an item and select Remove Download to remove downloaded files individually. You'll also be able to purge all files from the settings, and eventually it will be possible to configure how long to keep local copies of files.

    - The mobile apps don't yet have the new note editor from Zotero 6 with annotation integration.
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    thanks so much.
    ah, wow, the tap and hold thing is brillant, but non obvious. Would be great if when downloading the app had a brief intro that points this out.
    looking forward to the new note editor coming to android!

    two more suggestions:
    1. the list view now shows only the last name of a creator. But this can be confusing, when searching for articles by creators where there are different creators with the same last name (which is often the case for creators with frequent last names. For example I have 4 different "Collins" in my library.). It would be helpful if the list view would show at least an initial, or a first name too, or have a setting where this can be toggled.

    2. the item list view now shows item title on a line in dark font with creator names on a second line in light font. At least for myself, I order items almost always alphabetically in creator order. But this view makes this very hard to read, particularly least on my b/w onyx boox, because it highlights titles, even when ordered by creator. It would be more intuitive if either:

    a) the order and font were reversed, with author and date on first line and title on second by default.
    b) if the order were determined by the sorting selection (that is, If I select sort by creator, then creator moves to first line) .
    c) if there were an option where the user could select which field should come first.

    I can see that option b) is probably confusing for the user, so a) or c) would be great to see.
    thanks again for the fantastic work
  • What is the path for the attachments folder? Is it accessible by normal file explorer? As the webdav functionality is currently unavailable, I am thinking of using tools like Syncthing to sync the whole attachments folder.
  • I'm confused about adding a new item.
    When I tap the "+" button, a menu opens from below with the following options: "Add Manually", "New Standalone Note", "Add File". I was hoping to a have a feature to add a new item similar to the "magic wand" in the Desktop app.


    Conversely, it would be really useful if I could share from my web browser (or any other app fwiw) to Zotero: this would work in tandem with the "magic wand" to add new items.
  • @steko These are noted in the announcement as not yet implemented. They will be.
  • So far the app looks really promising. Can't wait for more. I'll probably wait to make suggestions, since all isn't implemented.

    Is RSS feeds going to be supported ?
  • Thanks for adding testing slots. Super excited.

    Seems zotero isn't available in share menu yet. Though I seem to be able to add pdf after downloading in local storage. A direct share from browser could be nice but not urgent.

    Or maybe it's unreasonable to expect desktop like behaviour of saving article and downloading PDFs in zotero as iOS version also only saves directly shared pdf and also doesn't fetch metadata.
  • Will there be an option to change the storage to cloud providers like Dropbox or Onedrive, just like in the desktop versions?
  • @anand4k: From my announcement:
    Not yet implemented:

    - Saving from the browser
    The iOS app supports saving metadata and PDFs from webpages the same way that the Zotero Connector does on desktop, and the Android app will as well.
  • Compared to Zoo for Zotero, I love the UI for managing libraries, collections and items lists.

    The main missing features in my workflow are:
    - Sharing pdfs to Zotero (have to add items manually)
    - the builtin PDF Reader is laggy and slow to scroll and annotating is awkward. (On an Samsung Fold 5, and compared to the Xodo PDF reader)
    - metadata for pdfs isn't automatically looked up, there's no option to automatically populate metadata (not a big deal since a sync to desktop solves this fairly easily)

    I realise Plugins support may be difficult on iOS due to app store policies, but on Android it would be a nice to have.

    Sidenote, it looks like an iOS app thats ported to Android.
  • Thanks for making Zotero Android happen.

    Though the announcement clarifies pdf annotation has been implemented, lags and bugs are making it unusable on my Samsung Tab S8+ - occasional lags at page scrolling and panning, no palm rejection resulting in annoying switch between finger and stylus, pdf view force closes at split-screen, incorrect color indication under dark mode, no stroke eraser... I assume it will take much longer to improve pdf annotation because of many other priorities, and so I wonder if it's possible to open pdf in a third-party app such as xodo reader, and after the direct edit, zotero reads, uploads and syncs the changes automatically.

    Lastly, I truly wish the UI elements (the icons and components) could be more Android material style rather than pure iOS styles.

    Many thanks in advance.
  • HarmonyOS please!!!
  • Wonderful, waiting for WebDAV file syncing.
  • I've been waiting for the Android app for a while and I'm thrilled that it's finally here, thank you for the hard work!
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    Is support for "Linked Attachment Base Directory" planned? Apologies if this has already been answered, saw a few similar posts but no responses when browsing through existing comments.

    Alternatively, is it currently possible, or planned to support, opening PDFs in an external Android app? In position now to pay for higher tier storage limit - and happy to do so if that also supports development(?) - but have some older PDFs where it'd be easier to read them if could long-press to access 'open with...'.
  • Hi Team, thanks for the great app! And will the app be released on F-droid in future? I “degooglized” my android devices… And I guess many people would like to do so…
  • Please add the zotero:// URI support.
  • When will Zotero be available on HarmonyOS Next?
  • Happy to find this application on my android device but it miss so much an URL share action to add entries in a collection from its favorites browsers.
  • @yeldan I posted the same a few days ago, it's mentioned in the announcement that the feature is planned but not yet implemented.
  • Thank you very much to the development team. I've been using the app on a Boox Air Note Air 3C and a Google Pixel 7 and it's great to use Zotero on the go. So far, so good.

    It's not really a bug, but is there any chance a scrollbar or page counter could be added to subsequent updates? It'd be helpful to know where I am in a document and/or jump to a different page quickly.

    Thanks again.
  • @mrrobinson415: Yes, we're working on a page scrubber for the next update.
  • Is there a plan to implement a crop function in reader? I am using Onyx Boox Tab Ultra and existing options of fill and fit doesn't satisfy my needs for pdfs with different blank margins. Thanks again for the great app!
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