WebDAV sync for group libraries

For privacy concerns I'm interested in syncing documents of a private group library via my own cloud. As clearly state in the documentation this is currently not possible: https://www.zotero.org/support/sync#data_syncing

I was wondering whether this is planned for the future and if yes if there is an estimation of when this will be available?

Thanks a lot for your reply.
  • The problem isn't that there's a password, but that a user can be part of multiple groups, and zotero would have to have a webdav config for each separate group. While not technically impossible, it'd complicate both the internals and the UI of zotero.
  • Some recent discussion of an existing (but pending) patch for this feature: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/50369
  • (the patch is for relative links support and thus linked attachments in groups, which are distinct from -- and likely easier to than -- WebDAV support for groups)
  • Ah, my mistake. Apologies for conflating the two and thanks for catching this @adamsmith. Clearly I've not understood the different goals and mechanisms for relative links for groups vs WebDAV for groups. I thought both were ways to have group library files (e.g., PDFs) stored and synced via a 3rd-party cloud instead of Zotero Storage.

    Is there a Forums thread or support page you could point to which describes these differences? Many thanks in advance.

    Zotero Documentation on WebDAV: https://www.zotero.org/support/kb/webdav_services
  • I think this has a pretty good summary: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/77592/clarification-on-linked-files-sync

    Mobile app support is another difference between WebDAV (typically yes) & linked files (typically no)
  • This is the last feature that prevents us from using Zotero for our lab. We are provided with free WebDAV space from our university but we are forced to pay 120$ per year if we want to synchronize our groups.
  • Same here :)

    At the moment, we can use a hack by setting up a shared account for each lab where everyone know the password and everyone setup multiple profiles of Zotero on its own computer.


    So one profile is for own documents, and one is for the group..
    However, at my uni, we only have one WebDAV per user.. so we cannot implement this, but it was the best solution I though of..

    But anyway, this feature would be a game changer for me too!
  • On my side I think $120/year is affordable for an entire institution/lab.
    With a single account you can invite as many users as you want and create as many libraries as you want with no space limitation (which is not the case for example for paid cloud plans of other applications).
    You can also see it as a donation to the development of Zotero ;)

    However, if you have lots of work resources but no money to spend you could have a look into how to setup your own Zotero server:
    e.g. https://github.com/SamuelHassine/zotero-prime
    (even tough I doubt that this pays out in terms of time investment, given that time is money)
  • $120/year is probably affordable for most institutions/labs but sometimes bureaucracy and inertia do not help.

    So having the same webdav feature for group libraries as for personal libraries would be a major improvement, with a shared webdav login for the group.

    so, +1 here.
  • Indeed, it is affordable, when your institution allows such expenses (which has not been the case of my current institution).

    +1 hereā€¦
  • webdav is really a must have for group libraries! +1
  • For what we'd like to do with group/shared library syncing, it's more than just syncing PDF files associated with references in the library. We want to be able to share everything that develops around a given reference record - notes, tags, markdown files generated from annotations. All of that is shared via Zotero's own offering. WebDAV would handle file sync, including files added to items beyond the base PDF, but I don't believe it would handle the extraneous information added to the bibliographic record.

    It's affordable for us at an institutional level as a relatively modest-sized government science organization. The problem is that we can't currently use Zotero's shared storage offering because it's not a big enough group to go through the necessary bureaucratic red tape.

    Has anyone forked Zotero to work on that component, opening up where and how Zotero handles all group library functionality? We also need to be able to selectively open up everything on a given shared library item (or an entire shared library) for public access, which I don't think we can do now with how Zotero handles their shared library functionality vis a vis potential copyright protection.
  • So you're allowed to use Zotero's free data sync (which includes notes and tags) but not the file sync? That's a bit odd in terms of rules.

    But what you describe, i.e. having everything sync with your own server basically means setting up your own copy of the (open source) Zotero server. zotero-prime (now "ZotPrime" to clarify this isn't an official Zoteor product), linked above, provides instructions on exactly that and it doesn't require a fork of the Zotero client. For providing open access for files in a shared group, you might have to fork Zotero, but I'm not even sure about that. Possible that that's also entirely possible at the client level (of course when you run your own server you'd also have to provide your own web library, but that's relatively easy in comparison)
  • Are there any news regarding WebDAV support for group libraries?
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