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I've tried to read up on this, but want some clarity. If I want to create a group (to manage citations and attached files with everyone in the group), *must* I use Zotero's storage, or can I use my own server + webdav?

  • 1. From "Group libraries cannot currently use WebDAV.) Your employer or research institution may be able to provide WebDAV storage. Otherwise, there are many third-party options, both free and paid (see WebDAV providers known to work with Zotero). "

    WebDAV providers that work with Zotero:

    Ah, and under Zotero Preferences, Sync tab, Settings, you can choose "Sync attachment files in My Library using" and the choices are "Zotero" or "WebDAV".

    So it looks like you can store items in your LIBRARY using WebDAV but not in your GROUPS. Those are 2 different places. Your library is private to you and cannot be shared like a Group.
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    what bulrush says about WebDav.

    It's technically possible to run your own Zotero server -- the code is open -- but it's a very significant technical undertaking, so it's only viable and worth it for a group that has its own web admin or someone very savvy in that realm interested to take it up; you'll also need to use a (very slightly) patched Zotero client with that at the moment.
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