clarification on linked files sync

Hi, I've read a few topics but I still have a few questions.
If I set up linked files with my OneDrive for business:

1) if I delete a file from zotero will it also be deleted on my ondrive?
2) when I drag/drop a new file in zotero (ctrl+shift) will it automatically store the file in my onedrive?
3) when I extract annotations or create new notes, will they be added to the onedrive as separate files?
4) what happens if I accidentally delete a file directly from the onedrive folder?

Thank you.
  • 1) No. this is the major disadvantage of a linked files setup and why I personally recommend using Zotero storage or WebDAV

    2) No. It will make a link to the file at it’s current location. The easiest way to setup a linked file workflow that automatically moves files is to use the Zotfile plugin. With this installed, when you add item (by the browser button or by dragging without Cmd+Shift), Zotfile will automatically move and rename the file to the specified folder.

    3) No, extracted annotations are attached to the Zotero item and stored in the Zotero database file. They are viewable in the Zotero app or by selecting the items, right clicking, and choosing Generate Report.

    4) it’s deleted. If you try to open the file from Zotero, it will give a message that the selected file can’t be found.

  • ok thank you very much. I'm seeing it's not pretty straight forward to use webDAV with OneDrive so I might purchase Zotero storage
  • That would be my recommendation. It is certainly the easiest to set up and involves the fewest "moving parts" that might cause issues. If you want a free WebDAV service, pCloud is quite popular and seems to work well (
  • ok thanks, but then if I use webDAV what would be the response to my initial questions? Just trying to understand how it'd affect my workflow
  • I think I answered your four questions above—is there something that still isn’t clear?
  • I jsut wanted to double check if, I use webDAV, except for the file deletion (question 1) ) everything else is the same as with linked file..?
  • With Zotero File Storage or WebDAV,

    1) Yes, the file will be deleted.
    2) Regular-dragging the file will make a copy of the file stored on the Zotero or WebDAV sever. Shift-dragging will _move_ the file to be stored on the Zotero or WebDAV server.
    3) No change. Notes are still stored in the Zotero database.
    4) The local file is deleted, but Zotero could redownload the file from the sever if had been previously synced.

    The storage folder structure isn’t human-readable here (files are stored in folders with random names), so you would want to use the Zotero app to search for and work with the files.
  • ok thank you! I'll give it a go with pCloud
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