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I have been using zotero for a few months now, but over the past two days, the connector function has stopped working. I use googlecrome. The Z stays grey and when I click on it, nothing happens. I have tried to turn off all other extensions, but nothing happens. I have checked that Zotero is both open and online (checked with the link ending with "ping"). I have turned my computer off and on. The weird thing is that I have the same problem on both my computers (they are both connected to the same zotero profile). I would be so grateful if anyone could help me. I'm close to being desperate.
  • The report ID is 707920495
  • I am having the exact same problem. I have already tried everything on the troubleshooting page. No problems with Zotero as of about a week ago, which was the last time I used it. Now the connector only appears to work with the Zotero website: no WorldCat, no NYTimes.

    I went rummaging around in the debug logger, and it was saying it could not find a translator for these various sites, and so was timing out. I've already tried resetting my translators to no avail.
  • You didn't try everything, because the last step is a request for specific pieces of information we need to troubleshoot it further.
  • The debug ID is D281600290. I had installed an ad blocker to see if that would help. It did partially on one website (Scientific American), but not on another (NYTimes). Before I installed the ad blocker the zotero connector button was greyed out and I wasn't even getting a popup. After I installed the blocker, I was able to save the Scientific American page as a generic webpage, but the popup said there was an error saving. Trying to save on the New York Times website was completely unsuccessful both before and after I installed the ad blocker. I have no other browser extensions.
  • Here is an error report ID for the above: 1410287986.
  • We'll look into this, but note that the page has to finish loading completely before the icon appears. On the NYT without an ad blocker, that can take a shockingly long time, and occasionally never happens. I'd guess that's what you're seeing here.

    Try an Amazon product page, and provide a Debug ID for that if it's not working either.

    (We'll add something to the troubleshooting page about this.)
  • No luck with Amazon either, I'm afraid. The debug ID is D1565053820. I waited for the page to finish loading as you recommended, but the Zotero connector icon remained greyed out and generic (i.e., save as webpage). Same thing with the NYTimes still, even with waiting for the page to finish loading. I do have an AdBlocker running, just FYI, but it doesn't seem to fix the problem.

  • Just a note that the problem is universal—no luck with Chrome either.
  • Well, you still want to pick media (e.g., a book) on Amazon, but that debug output still doesn't look right. Disable your ad blocker and any other extensions, and then generate a Debug ID for this page:

  • I have de same problem. My number report is 1063330309
  • I had the same problem with chrome 55.
    Then it's fixed for chrome 62.
    But I prefer chrome 55, any ideal to solve?
  • I have now tried everything on the list a few times, and at multiple computers, but it's still not working. On "report errors" at the help-button on zotero, it says that there are no errors to report, but the problem I described in the first message is still very much a problem. The report ID: 1273152589. I am wondering if there could be a problem with my account? Or if there could be a bug in the system?
  • The last step lists the specific information we need if the other steps don't work.
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    There are multiple websites, but a couple of examples are these:



    Debug ID: 435506376

    When I hold the mouse over the button of zotero it says "Save to Zotero (webpage with snapshot)", but when I click on it, it says nothing because there are no pop-ups.

    Is this correct information, or is anything else needed?
  • That's a Report ID. We need a Debug ID. Follow the link in that step for instructions.
  • I misunderstood. Here it is:
  • That's a Debug ID from Zotero. We need it from the Zotero Connector.
  • This one: D1458405845
  • That's from the Connector, but it doesn't show any activity.
    A Debug ID from the Zotero Connector for a save attempt or, if you're only getting a webpage icon, for loading the page.
  • I've tried to do it again, this time showing this Debug ID: D156887580.

    But could that be the actual problem then, that it doesn't register any activity? I suppose that explains best what happens when I try to use the connect button; no activity...
  • Have you tried disabling all other extensions, except for Zotero Connector? The debug log is showing very unusual activity.
  • Yes, I have. Double checked just now. What do you mean by unusual activity?
  • Can you submit a new log faster disabling all other extensions?
  • I have had the exact same issues as mariesandnes. Here is my thread: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/68998/zotero-connector-malfunctioning#latest

    By accident, I did figure out that toggling the Ebsco language feature triggered a change in the status of the Connector icon. That may help you at least add things to your library in between now and a fix.
  • All other extensions are diabled, and here is the log: D1599039784
  • Do you run any security software, and if so, have you tried disabling it? Are you on an slow internet connection? Could you try installing Firefox and the Zotero Connector and seeing if that works better?
  • I've tried now to disable the security software, with no luck. Will try Firefox.
  • It is not working with Firefox either.

    Any other suggestions?
  • Is this a laptop? Are you on a slow internet connection? Can you try connecting to a different wifi router?
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