What other citation formats would you like Zotero to generate?

  • an adaptation of the Chicago "note with bibliography" would be great:
    [author]: [title], [year], p. [page number].

    If you wish to make your German users happy, a version that replaces the p. (page number) with S. would be good as well!
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    [author]: [title], [year], p. [page number].
    Do you mean that the above would replace the short citation? If that is the only change, it should be easy to accomplish. What is the name of this style in Germany?

    All styles are localized, so "p." in an English-language Firefox will be automatically replaced with "S." in a German-language browser.
  • The Journal of Immunology is a high-number publication journal that is used by a tonne of biologists. Would be a good one. Format is a little odd compared to others too. First author has last name first but then other authors switch over to initials first.
  • Here is the info:

    Format for references:

    Periodicals: Wells, A. D., M. C. Walsh, D. Sankaran, and L. A. Turka. 2000. T cell effector function and anergy avoidance are quantitatively linked to cell division. J. Immunol. 165: 2432–2443.

    Books: McIntyre, T. M., and W. Strober. 1999. Gut-associated lymphoid tissue: regulation of IgA B-cell development. In Mucosal Immunology, 2nd ed. P. L. Ogra, J. Mestecky, E. Lamm, W. Strober, J. Bienenstock, and J. R. McGhee, eds. Academic Press, San Diego, CA. 319–356.


    Thanks to anyone who can write this one...
  • @erazlogo

    I don't think there is an official name for this style. It resembles the "Erweiterter Kurzbeleg" [extended short citation] style. However, that one would require each reference to have a "Kurztitel" [shortened titel] in the bibliography and the citations then refer to this shortened title instead of the full title, so it probably would be a lot more work to create...
  • @scot--I can do that, but not until May. Where do I send that info?
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    The Lichenologist - http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=LIC

    Citations in the text should take the form: Green & White (2004) or (Brown 1999a, b, 2001; Smith & Jones 1999). Multiple citations should be ordered chronologically. When papers are by three or more authors, give only the name of the first author followed by et al. (e.g. Halonen et al. 1998) throughout the text. At the end of the text, list the references alphabetically using the following standard forms:

    Scherrer, S. & Honegger, R. (2003) Inter- and intraspecific variation of homologous hydrophobin (H1) gene sequences among Xanthoria spp. (lichen-forming ascomycetes). New Phytologist 158: 375–389.

    Øvstedal, D. O. & Smith, R. I. L. (2001) Lichens of Antarctica and South Georgia. A Guide to their Identification and Ecology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

    Lumbsch, H. T. (2002) Analysis of phenolic products in lichens for identification and taxonomy. In Protocols in Lichenology: Culturing, Biochemistry, Ecophysiology and Use in Biomonitoring (I. Kranner, R. P. Beckett & A. K. Varma, eds): 281–295. Berlin: Springer.

    Muggia, L., Schmitt, I., Blaha, J., Rankl, J. & Grube, M. (2006) Evolution of polyketide synthases in lichens. In Abstracts of the 8th International Mycological Congress, 21–25 August, 2006, Cairns, Australia, p. 167.

    References should be listed in alphabetic sequence with: single authors, by date; two authors, alphabetically, then by date; three or more authors by date only.
  • @tadoslav - at the moment, this thread is as good a place as any. There's no official channel for these thing. Basically you're just making it as easy as possible for someone to tweak the Chicago styles as needed to create a set of SBL styles. If it's very long you could try posting it somewhere else on the web and linking to it from here.
  • Okay, I found an SBL style guide on a former post:
    Style coming soon.
  • Global Change Biology - http://www.blackwellpublishing.com/submit.asp?ref=1354-1013&site=1

    (Cramer et al. 2001)

    (Lindroth et al. 1997, 1998)

    (Post & Kwon 2000; Cramer et al. 2001)

    * The full list of references should be provided in alphabetic order, double-spaced at the end of the article, in the form of the following examples. Journal titles should be in full, not abbreviated. When there are eight or more authors only the first three should be listed, following the et al.

    van Uitregt VO, Wilson RS, Franklin CE (2007) Cooler temperatures increase sensitivity to ultraviolet B radiation in embryos and larvae of the frog Limnodynastes peronii. Global Change Biology, 13, 1114-1121.

    Alcamo J, Kreileman E, Krol M et al. (1998) Global modelling of environmental change: an overview of IMAGE 2.1. In: Global Change Scenarios of the 21st Century: Results from the IMAGE 2.1 Model (eds Alcamo J, Leemans R, Kreileman E), pp 3-71. Pergamon, Oxford.

    Llorens L (2003) Plant ecophysiological responses to experimentally drier and warmer conditions in European shrublands. Unpublished PhD thesis, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Barcelona, 266 pp.

    Hill JK, Thomas CD, Huntley B (2001). Climate and recent range changes in butterfiles. In: "Fingerprints" of Climate Change - Adapted Behaviour and Shifting Species Ranges (eds Walther G-R, Burga CA, Edwards PJ) pp. 77-88. Kluwer Academic/ Plenum Publishers, New York.
  • @ erazlogo

    found another problem with most recent Oxford Art Journal style. The Book Section outputs as

    [author], [title], in [title], [book title] ...

    but should be

    [author], [title], in [book title] ...

    E.g., I get
    Anne Rorimer, ‘Photography: restructuring the pictorial’, in ‘Photography: restructuring the pictorial’, New art in the 60s and 70s: redefining reality ...
  • I dont know if somebody wrote it down before, because my English is too bad to understand the comments. So excuse me if it was so.

    I need another Citationformat:
    for Books:
    lastname, first name (Date): Booktitel. publishing house.

    for example:
    Jenkins, Craig (1983): Social Movements. VS Verlag der Sozialwissenschaften.

    for Journals:
    lastname, first name (date): Titel. In: Journalname. edition.

    for tiles of books:
    lastname, first name (date): Titel of essay. In: lastname, first name (edc.) (date): Booktitle. publisher.

    for websites:
    lastname, firstname (date): Titel. Url. Stand: date.

    I dont know if this citation format has a name. I need it without any big etc. Styles.

    I hope i can make me understable. I am so sorry for my bad english.

    Is it possible to realize it?
  • Obviously some people know how to do these sort of changes more easily than others.

    I just want to have my year's in brackets (1997) for example. Can someone tell me how to do it as I have not been successful so far.

    The other possibility is to provide more examples or "recipes" on what to do.
  • I would like to see the American Meteorological Society (www.ametsoc.org) citation styles added.
  • divadnagrom: you just look for the prefix and suffix attributes that contain the parenthesis, and remove them.

    There's some documentation on CSL here.
  • I'd need (before April the 15th would be great) the Water Science and Technology style which is very close to the Water Research style (almost a duplicate)
  • bboulding: no promises from me, but it's more likely you'll see it if you itemize exactly how they're different.

    And to undeline a point that I've mentioned here at least three times: it's in general inconsiderate for people to be posting vague requests, without even a URL for documentation. If someone does this for you, it will because they've donated their time. The least you can do is to help them out with the details.
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    I'm sorry, I forgot the link ... I posted that on morning... my mistake


    obvious differences are

    - the number of author names in the ref., only one and then comma followed by the publication year.
    - in the bilbio the journal volume is bold

    BTW in the Water research style, in the biblio part, there are two spaces before the year I guess one is enough
  • OK, give it a try.

    BTW, I think your wrong about the et al. I saw two in the docs.
  • @erazlogo re:the SBL style. The link you reposted above is to the student supplement to the SBL styleguide, which is useful for its treatment of books in series, etc. But not the full spec That can be found at this link, also posted above on a former post:

    SBL actually has two variants, based on the two main CMS styles (notes and name-date).
  • bdarcus: you're right

    7.7 The abbreviation "et al." should be used in the text when there are more than two co-authors of a cited paper.

    thanks for your help

    Do you know how far is the project to get a personal style editor ?
  • No, except that I think I should have a better idea over the next month or so. If something comes up, I'll post a note on the forum.
  • bdarcus: turns out the problem is needing to shut down firefox and restarting. When I did this I had the corrected details.
  • Is there any way in CSL to make "et al." show up in italics? Since I have just started playing around with CSL/Zotero this might be obvious, but I have looked around and just can't find out how to do it. Btw, there are several Zotero-styles in the repository (eg Nature Journal) that do not show "et al." in italics, while the journal does this.
  • bdarcus: Thank you for the Water Science and Technology style.
    Just two feedbacks
    For instance:
    ref: (Allen, Braithwaite, et coll., 1997)

    biblio: Allen, M. R., Braithwaite, A., et Hills, C. C. (1997) Trace Organic Compounds in Landfill Gas at Seven U.K. Waste Disposal Sites. Environmental Science & Technology, 31(4), 1054-1061.

    1- There are three spaces after the last author and the publication year
    2- There is et coll. I guess it is due to the local of Firefox (which is Fr for me)
    How can I have et al.

    thanks again for your work
  • To get "et al" instead of "et coll":

  • canasta: CSL does not now support styling of et-al, but will soon.
  • would it not be possible that everybody could build private citation formats because they greatly depend from one country to another. in belgium, where i'm teaching at the university you have to cite this way: CALMES, Christian, BOSSAERT, Danielle, L’histoire du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg : de 1815 à nos jours, Luxembourg, 1995
  • @sdedalus1 Oxford Art Journal style extra title bug is now fixed
  • In the ACS style,
    There is a tabulation right after the citation number in the bilbiography part.
    I guess it should be after the right parenthesis, before the first author name.
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