What other citation formats would you like Zotero to generate?

  • I was trying to find something authorative for Phys Rev stuff. Does this look correct?
    It seems most use a common style, with the B journal being slightly different. Is that correct?
  • I would love to see the AGU family of journals:


    and Environmental Microbiology:

  • There is an AGU style now available if you'd like to try it out.
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    One other thing, if you need a style and wonder if one of the existing styles might be close, try the following:
    Type in the URL
    and select a zotero entry (or several) and then press Display.
    It will generate a reference in all current styles for that reference so you can preview how they would look with different styles.
    You can restrict the types with the checkboxes to narrow the chosen types.
  • I would like to see Linguistic Society of America (LSA) Style Sheet.
  • I have a request of people asking for new styles. Please follow these suggestions.

    First, always, always, always include one or more links to documentation. Do not ask us to do this research for you. We're all really busy and essentially donating free labor, so you need to do your part too.

    Second, following Codec's latest suggestion, tell us the existing style that your style is closest to. If it's exactly the same, then tell us that too.

    This information will not only make it quicker for people like Codec to produce the styles (and so more likely that you'll see them), but also can provide valuable information for implementation of a CSL style creation wizard that some of us are talking about.
  • Thanks for the AGU style!!

    Some formatting differences I noted:

    1. The author's names should be italicized in the in-text citation, and "et al." should be "et al.," and also italicized.

    2. All of the authors in the bibliography should be listed, rather than an "et al" after the second author.

    The Environmental Microbiology Journal style that I'm hoping for is almost identical to the style used in Cell.

    Thanks for making all of these styles. This project is great, and I'm telling everyone I know about Zotero!!
  • Zotero is great! What a wonderful tool for genealogists and all historians.

    Please consider another style guide:

    "Evidence Explained: Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace by Elizabeth Shown Mills."

    Evidence Explained has two principal uses: it provides citation models for most historical sources, including original documents not covered by classic citation guides such as CMS.

    More information about this book can be obtained at:



    Thanks for developing such an incredible program.
  • About the ACS style

    In the bibliography part, when using the abbreviated name of the Journal, there are two points between the journal name and the year.
    One has to be removed.

    All the best
  • I'm not sure how to fix that. One of them is part of the journal suffix and one is the field suffix.
    e.g., Nucl. Acids Res.. comes from the entry "Nucl. Acids Res." and a terminating "."
    Nuleic Acid Research on the other had would look right

    You could remove the . from the end of the entry as a work around.
  • Codec--I think cite.js is supposed to account for that (see line 2776). It's odd that it doesn't work in this case.
  • I wonder if its because the journal is in italics, and the suffix isn't.
    Loker, W. M. Jour Pol Ecol.. 1996, 3.
    is generated as

    Loker, W. M. <span style="font-style: italic;">Jour Pol Ecol.</span>. <span style="font-weight: bold;">1996</span>, <span style="font-style: italic;">3</span>.
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    I've just noticed in the ACS style that a word wrap happened in the biblio between each reference.
    It looks like:
    (1) ------

    (2) ------

    and it should be with a double space line in the paragraph format not a word wrap
    (1) ----
    (2) -----

    BTW thanks for the style Codec
  • The Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine, Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, and Neurosurgical Focus. These journals share one style:


    (another user, dudischul, requested this style in another thread).
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    Still in the ACS style :) ... and certainly in others ...
    For multiple references, sometimes it is perfect and formatted as follows:
    ----- (4-7)
    and sometimes it is like:
    ---- (9,8,7,10)

    I've changed the order in the multiple reference selection but it hasn't done the trick.

    I hope it helps to give you some feedbacks and doesn't bother you?
  • I think I've fixed the first issue - tried to do the 2nd but it seems rather resistant. I'm not sure what the syntax is to force that.
  • somebody, journal of neurosurgery? :(
  • dudischul: Scroll up.
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    i desperately need this style in the footnote, that has for single, multi and in the library the following same format. Could please someone create such a style? i need it really strongly. u would be very grateful.

    Authors last name, authors first name (year), Booktitel. Location: publisher.


    Müller, Peter (2004), Handbuch der Betriebswirtschaftslehre. Hamburg: UVK.
  • mcitations: it would help to give more information, such as name of the style, and a URL for the documentation. See above for examples. We can't read minds on details.
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    hi bdarcus,

    sorry i don't know the name of thsi citation style. could you please create it in spite?
  • Whoever does it has to give it a title and an id, so no, not really. Why are you needing this style after all? Is it for some journal? Some class?

    Perhaps the answer to that question can help you identify the answer?
  • Neurosurgery Journal is now available in the styles.
  • Yes, i need it for a university thesis. please help me, it's very urgent. i've tested some other tools like citavi and so on. but i like zotero the most. the only problem is the style. the style i need is very similar to the chicago one in the styles list. so perhaps you can duplicate it and modify. i just ne the style in the formatexample esepecially in the footnote. in the text, i can use this format

    (Bauer, 2001, S. 44) or (vgl. Bauer, 2001, S.44) in the bibliography at the end i need the style as in the footnote.
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    Hi, the style i need is mentionend in this famous book for science methods.


    They name it the Autor-Jahr-Style

    last name, first name (year): title, location

    Among the author, title style they write, these two are the most traditional and most spread styles.

    and I need this style for the footnote for my thesis.
  • You could try
    - Open University Harvard Reference
    - American Geophysical Union general format
    - American Political Science Association
    all of which are very close to what you describe.

    Without a formal description it is hard to do a style. What does a book format look like, what about a journal, a chapter from a book. What happens if there is a URL, what if a DOI, what if there is an edition, and volume number etc etc.
  • Ah, ok. I try these styles. Do they work for the footnote. thats the most important.
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    Sorry but non of them works with the footnote and the citations in the text are always the short forms. what should i do? i use the open office plugin. the bibliopgraphy button can't insert in footnotes. i become desperate, i need it so urgent. the list is too big to insert all citations manual.
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    mcitations: when is your thesis due?

    The problem is you're not spending the time we need you to spend to find the information we need to help you.

    As I say farther above, we all are doing this for free, and we're all busy doing our own theses, or books, or article manuscripts, so it's kind of rude to be essentially saying "I need help" but then not giving us the information we need to help you.

    For example, sending us a link to an Amazon page is NOT helpful AT ALL. Do you expect that any of us have the time to track down that book and to then research the information? We don't.

    You tell us it's for a thesis, but then why don't you tell us for which institution, and give us a link to the page at that institution that tells you what style to use?

    Finally, you say they call it an "Autor-Jahr-Style" (author-year) style, but then say it should be rendered as a footnote. Are you SURE? Because author-year (or author-date) styles are in fact rendered in\-text. Also, that's a generic description of a class of style; not a style name.
  • Hi
    Just started using Zotero so please forgive me if I bring up stuff that has already been noted.
    Firstly, there is a list of Endnote styles for specific journals at http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp. Would it be possible to import those styles into Zotero? If this is not an option (copyright or some other reason), would it be possible to create and customize a new citation style in Zotero? And then mail it in as a contribution? I figure if this could be a community effort we could all help each other.
    Please let me know. Thanks
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