Changes to APA Style in 7th Edition

  • Change the file extension to .csl. Works on any platform. Best approach is to right click on the link above and choose Save Link As (don't follow the link to the page of code first).
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    hello, some journals request that
    "your submission includes References, Arabic numbers should be used for text citations (set within parentheses at point of citation), and they should be listed in numerical order in the text, as well as in the reference section.
    References should follow that of American Psychological Association (APA)"
    could you kindly provide a modified APA style accordingly?
  • What journals are those?
  • Stem Cell Reviews and Reports (SCRR)
  • Can you post a link to those guidelines?
  • Their examples are not actually APA style. The journal uses this style:
  • thank you for your help
    appreciate it
  • Under personal interviews as references I get
    Name, personal communication, date, year
    Is it possible to remove personal communication and date from the reference HOW? :D
  • If these are interviews you conducted yourself that aren’t retrievable, APA calls for them to be cited as personal communications as you are seeing. If these are the data for a qualitative study, you don’t cite them at all. If the item is retrievable (it has a publisher, DOI, or URL saying where readers can find it), then the Zotero style will print those instead.

    Zotero/CSL is formatting these correctly according to APA style.
  • When I go to "Create Bibliography from Item" and select the APA Style in 7th Edition bibliography, the publisher place still does not appear despite the place being inputted into the appropriate field. The publisher place appears in the generated report but not when I copy and paste the bibliography. Am I doing something wrong? I would truly appreciate your help.
  • @OneOcean: From the very first post in this thread, which is about changes in APA 7th:
    The publisher place (Boston, New York, London, etc.) is not included in references.
  • Oh! I misread that. Thank you so much! The prof prefers the APA 6th... what can you do?
  • You can reinstall APA 6th from the Cite pane of the Zotero preferences. If you have the Zotero Connector installed and Zotero open, you can install it from this link:
  • Thank you!
  • hi, two basic questions please (APA 7th style):

    1) sometimes the first name of the author appears in the citation, although I consistently have the author's name the same, in all his/her references in the library.

    2) the bibliography text in word appears/is created centered and not justified!

    thanks, k
  • 1)

    2) Try to change to a different citation style and back. If it persists, be sure that you aren’t inserting the bibliography on the same line as the centered “References” heading. If it still persists, check that the “Normal” style in Word isn’t set to center the text.
  • Not sure if anyone else is facing this issue, but my default citation is APA 7, yet, when I add citation, it keeps getting cited wrongly as (A. P. King et al., 2016; Anthony P. King et al., 2016) .

    It's two papers,

    King, A. P., Block, S. R., Sripada, R. K., Rauch, S., Giardino, N., Favorite, T., Angstadt, M., Kessler, D., Welsh, R., & Liberzon, I. (2016). Altered default mode network (DMN) resting state functional connectivity following a mindfulness-based exposure therapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in combat veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq. Depression and Anxiety, 33(4), 289–299.


    King, A. P., Block, S. R., Sripada, R. K., Rauch, S. A., Porter, K. E., Favorite, T. K., Giardino, N., & Liberzon, I. (2016). A pilot study of mindfulness-based exposure therapy in OEF/OIF combat veterans with ptsd: Altered medial frontal cortex and amygdala responses in social–emotional processing. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 7, 154.

    It was initially working fine, and giving me this following citation every time I added it, (King, Block, Sripada, Rauch, Giardino, et al., 2016; King, Block, Sripada, Rauch, Porter, et al., 2016).

    But all of a sudden now, it's doing that funny thing, with the first names at the front. And i've checked that my default is APA7. Not sure what I'm doing wrong?
  • See
    you'll want to clean up the author names, especially of primary authors, in Zotero.
  • In my Word doc I have clicked on the Zotero tab and document preference several times to ensure I have APA 7th Edition selected even still the doi are showing up with https:// - that is supposed to be gone in 7th edition. Any tips?
  • @romana.mirza -- not sure why you think that. is correct for APA 7th, see e.g. the APA's quick reference sheet: (PDF)
  • Thank you for sharing that. I'm shifting from using Mendeley to Zotero and Mendeley's APA 7th edition excludes the https:// part, that's why I was thinking that. Appreciate the resource you uploaded, thanks!
  • That really shouldn’t be possible. Can you take a screenshot of your item in Mendeley and the output it generates for APA 7, upload it to Dropbox or similar, and link here?
  • The issue is with me, my apologies. I use APA all the time except for the last paper I wrote. I was asked to format it in MLA and I've been mixing up the MLA requirements with APA. What you are posting here is correct. My MLA formatted paper does not includes the https:// for the doi.
  • No worries at all.
  • I'm having a problem with book chapters. After authors, date, and title of chapter it should be :
    In Editor & Editor (Eds.), Title of the book, (2nd ed., pp.x-y), Publisher
    Instead, it does :
    In Title of the book. (Editor & Editor (Eds.), p.x-y). Publisher.

    Does anyone else have the same issue ?
  • Zotero's APA 7th style does this correctly. Which style exactly are you using? How? (Word add-on, Create Bibliography from Zotero and copy, something else)?
  • In APA 7 reference Zotero doesn't include doi. At least don't show in references list
  • It definitely does. How exactly are you generating your references? Can you confirm the item has a DOI in your Zotero library?
  • There seems to be a bug in APA 7 since the latest update (July 13th).
    Please see here:

    Is anyone able to fix that or can explain how an average "dummy user" can fix it by his/her own?
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