Changes to APA Style in 7th Edition

  • The format for video recordings is missing the [Video] descriptor and the publisher
    the format gives the example for a TED talk:
    Author, A. (Year, Month day). Title of TED talk in italic sentence case [Video]. TED Conferences. URL

    for a youtube video:
    Author, A. [username]. (Year, Month day). Title of video in italic sentence case [Video]. YouTube. URL
  • Enter “Video” in the Format field.
  • thanks that fixed the [Video] problem. How do I fix the publisher problem (TED Conferences)?
  • Place that in the Studio field.
  • How do you add the [username] field into the author name? it should be the username of the channel.
  • Add it in the First name field [@username]
  • As my tutor just pointed out to me: When referencing Academic Dissertations/Thesis, the format should be:
    Lastname, F. M. (Year). Title of dissertation or thesis (Publication No.) [Doctoral dissertation or master’s thesis, Name of Institution Awarding Degree]. Database Name.
    At the moment Zotero is putting the Institutions name after the [brackets]...
  • There are several formats for dissertations depending on whether and how they're published. Check out the APA 7th colleciton in the test library:,UD3VZHS5,P9AMYL6Y,LJ2RP7K8/collection -- I have pre-highlighted the 4 different thesis formats from the Manual in the link. Zotero formats these all according to the Manual when entered correctly.
  • Thank you!! Now I understand, if it doesn't have an "Archive" it presents as "Unpublished" - Thank you, now I understand.
    Much appreciated!
  • Archive, DOI, or URL all make it “published”
  • Hi! I am using APA 7th shown in German but my papers are in English. So sometimes I have a German titeled book or test etc. and therefore, have to provide an English translation. Where can I deposit the translation and e.g. additional information as manual so that it is not shown in italics and on the right place?
    Jerusalem, M., & Schwarzer, R. (n.d.). Allgemeine Selbstwirksamkeitserwartung (SWE) [General Expectation of Self-Efficacy (SWE)] [Manual].
    Lüdecke, D. (2020). sjPlot: Data visualization for statistics in social science (R package version 2.7.2) [Computer software]. Comprehensive R Archive Network.
    Where can I deposit (R package version 2.7.2) [Computer software]?
    Thank you so much for your help!
  • @Sylvia_P. I would recommend this slightly simpler format instead:

    Lüdecke, D. (2020). sjPlot: Data visualization for statistics in social science (Version 2.7.2) [R package]. Comprehensive R Archive Network.

    It's fine to be more specific with the format description than "Computer software". For that, put "R package" in the "System" or "Programming Language" field and "2.7.2" in the "Version" field.

    If you do want to use both "computer software" and "R package", then put "R package" in "Programming Language", "2.7.2" in "Version", and "Computer Software" in the "System".
  • Depuis plusieurs années nous recommandons l’utilisation du style de citation « American Psychological Association 6th edition (Provost) (French - Canada) » à nos étudiant·e·s en Suisse. Il n’est malheureusement plus adapté à nos besoins depuis la mise en conformité avec la typographie canadienne

    Nous aimerions maintenant recommander l’APA 7th qui fonctionne parfaitement en français à l’exception du format de date lorsque le jour et le mois sont requis. En français le jour devrait en effet figurer avant le mois (2020, 9 novembre).

    Serait-il possible d’adapter le style csl pour la langue « Français (France) » et « Français (Canada) » ?

    Exemple pour un article de journal (newspaper article) - référence générée automatiquement depuis Zotero

    Avec le style « American Psychological Association 6th edition (Provost) (French - Canada) » ou « École de technologie supérieure - APA (French - Canada) »

    Burger, M. (2020, 4 septembre). Pourquoi de plus en plus de gens se déplacent à vélo électrique. Repéré à

    Avec le style « American Psychological Association 7th edition »

    Burger, M. (2020, septembre 4). Pourquoi de plus en plus de gens se déplacent à vélo électrique.
  • Is there a way to use a shortened author or abbreviation for in-text citations? This is described in section 8.21 of the 7th edition manual:

    >If a reference has a group author, the name of the group can sometimes be abbreviated--for example, "American Psychological Association" can be abbreviated to "APA." You are not obligated to abbreviate the name of a group author, but you can if the abbreviation is well-known, will help avoid cumbersome repetition, or will appear at least three times in the paper.

    So, for example, the in-text citation would be (APA, 2017). But the full reference would have APA spelled out:

    American Psychological Association. (2017, January). *Understanding and overcoming opioid abuse*.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  • I've got a weird issue with Zotero and Word on a mac. Set the style to APA 7th edition and it would *occasionally* render the author-date entry for book sections as (Peter Troxler, 2016) instead of (Troxler, 2016) and for books as (P. Troxler, 2015) instead of (Troxler, 2015). Any idea what's going on?
  • edited December 19, 2020
    Ensure that you have consistently entered the name as Troxler || Peter for all of the items in your Zotero library. See
  • @wjakethompson Support for institutional abbreviations is coming in CSL version 1.1, which will be released in 2021. For now, I suggest entering the author as the abbreviation and putting the full organization name in the Publisher field.
  • thx @bwiernik ... solves the issue
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    APA 7, Table 8.1 says that narrative citations with two authors should be "Salas and D’Agostino (2020)", but pandoc (via R Markdown in R Studio) is rendering as "Salas & D’Agostino (2020)".

    Any idea how I can resolve this?


    bibliography: references.bib
    csl: apa.csl

    Apologies if this is the wrong forum. I'm working my way through:

    to find the right approach to fix this for my use case.

    I think the answer is "Not possible until CSL 1.1 release."

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    You can't currently automate narrative citations fully, that's right. Just like in Zotero (suppress author) you can generate citations in pandoc (and thus Rmd) with only the year and then write the authors (i.e. Salas and D’Agostino) in the text, i.e.
    Salas and D'Agostino [-@salas_dagostino2020]

  • Perfect. Thanks for clarifying.
  • In CSL 1.1, this will be possible to automate
  • Actually, there’s an even simpler format for generating narrative citations in pandoc (provided the year is to appear right after the author(s)): Just write @salas_dagostino2020, without any square braces.
  • @nickbart No, that produces “Smith & Jones” not “Smith and Jones”. It’s not currently possible in pandoc to automate the switch of & to “and”
  • Right, as is, you’d get “Smith & Jones” with apa.csl. But there’s a lua filter ( that can transform this to “Smith and Jones” (with [as of yet limited] multilingual support).
  • Ah, cool. Didn’t know about that one
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