Changes to APA Style in 7th Edition

edited January 21, 2020
The 7th edition of the APA Style Manual has been released. The APA style in Zotero now follows the 7th edition guidelines.

Notable changes to APA Style in 7th edition include:
- The publisher place (Boston, New York, London, etc.) is not included in references.
- In-text citations for works with 3+ authors always use "et al.", even for the first citation.
- Both the publisher and DOI/URL are included for non-periodical items.
- For additional details on changes in 7th edition, see here and here.

If you still need the 6th edition version of the style, it is available from
  • Regarding the new APA style and the language option:

    When I select Danish as language, the format of date month year in referencelists still follows the american way of writing the date. For example the new style will write: Andersen, M.-L. (2019, februar 20) in the referencelist, when it should be: Andersen, M.-L. (2019, 20. februar). Is there a way to make it follow the european way of writing dates?
  • No, unfortunately day-month dates can't currently be localized
  • So, if you want to change that, you would need to customize the style code itself.
  • I encounter a problem when i add information to Webpages. If I add a publication year to the date-field in the reference I dont get the "Retrieved from" text in my reference:

    World Health Organization. (2019). Mental disorders.

    But If I remove the publication year and leave the field empty I get the "Retrieved from"

    World Health Organization. (n.d.). Mental disorders. Retrieved February 20, 2020, from

    Am I doing anything wrong here? Or is this a bugg inside the style?

    Would be grateful for your assitance!
  • The manual states that retrieval dates are not generally needed, but should only be included in cases where the content of the page changes frequently. This is most typically the case when the page has no publication date. When a page has a publication date, it is usually expected that the content will remain the same. All of the examples in the manual with retrieval dates have no publication dates (with the exception of the UpToDate reference example 14, which, frankly is inconsistent—it is formatted liked a journal article, which don’t have retrieval dates, and these pages are archived, so it is always possible to identify the specific version of the page referenced by the publication date).

    Accordingly, the CSL style adopts the convention that only undated web page items should include the retrieval date.
  • Thanks so much for your reply, then I know.
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