Zoo for Zotero - A new android app for viewing zotero libraries

Hi all,

I just developed Zoo for Zotero which is an android app for viewing zotero libraries.

Check it out at github.com/mickstar/Zoo-For-Zotero
or play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mickstarify.zooforzotero

Also could someone add it to the mobile apps wiki, thanks
  • Thank you for the app. I added it to the wiki.
  • Wow Michael this is a really good app, really snappy and best experience I've had so far with respect to syncing/updating and working with a large library. Thank you for making it, and making it free.


    1) when I input WebDav settings just now, it seemed to trigger a complete sync of the entire library database. No biggie, but is that by design?

    2) I'd love to see an attachment syncing option. I've got a SD card on my android ereader to be able to take my library with me, but I've never had an app that would reliably download/sync the whole thing and then do quick incremental updates. Is this something you have in mind for future development?
  • Thanks for the comment cjb! Regarding the webdav, there appears to be a bug with syncing where full syncs are happening when they don't need to. I will investigate. as for file syncing, it is not on my radar right now,
  • Wanted to add my thanks as well. Really a great app, easily the most functional and best looking one on Android. Hope two-way PDF sync is added at some point, although I understand that it is a tall order.
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    Seems great! When will you add it to the F-droid repository?
  • Found this on the play store just a couple of days ago!

    I hope to find some time to contribute to the project. First thing would be to update the icons used in the app to something more high resolution.

    Thanks for your great work!
  • Thank you for your really good app.
  • Thanks for the support!
    @Oby - PDF annotation is doable but I haven't wrapped my head around how to use the zotero api for uploading PDFs or creating file deltas in android. It is on the todo list though.

    @anders I don't know what the rules are with F-Droid but my app is using firebase (google) analytics so I believe it requires google play libraries on the device. I am also uncertain how many people would be interested in a zotero client on F-Droid given how niche this is.

    Yes, unfortunately the icons are low res, I actually just copied them from the Zotero desktop application.
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