Changes to fields and item types for Zotero 5.1

  • I found the next issue:

    Sometimes, a journal article are online published on a specific date, let's say 12/2018, and later is published the journal issue to which that article belongs, let's say on 2020. Then, at least for the specific paper I got this, when I added the item to Zotero through its doi, the assigned Date was that of the journal publication.

    Is there some field (possibly to add under Extra) which would suit the online publication date of the journal article?
  • Is there a citation-style standard that requires _both_ an ePub ahead-of-print date and the final true date of publication?
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    The CSL 1.0.2 field for that is available-date (if distinct from the date of record)
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned over the 10-odd years of this thread, but here goes:

    I'm wondering if the Call Number field will be made available for all item types in the new release. It is currently not present in several (eg web page, podcast, etc).

    I ask because I use the CN field to track items in my ref library, with such entries as F (filing cabinet), L(eLectronic), S (shelf), and so on. This is also true for the types for which it is not present, because I may have, for example, a downloaded copy of the podcast audio stored in my /References folder as an mp3, say, or a copy of the web page which has been printed to a PDF and stored, etc.

    This is not as simple as just doing an entry in the Extra field, since I want the info to be visible in the main display window along with the other fields such as Item Type, Citekey, Author, Date, etc etc. As I see it, this info would not be pulled out of Extra and shown there.

    So, how simple would it be to make Call Number available for all item types?
  • > So, how simple would it be to make Call Number available for all item types?

    +1. That would be very helpful for (nearly) the same reasons jvoros gave.
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