Which site translators would you like to see?

Here's a place to post sites that aren't currently supported by Zotero (i.e., the little icons don't show up in the location bar so you can save them with a single click), and that you would like to see soon...
  • From user shel in another discussion:

    Cleveland State University--Scholar
    Ohio Link Electronic Journal Center
  • Chronicle of HIgher Education
  • I think this falls more under "standards and software" than sites, but I'd love to see it handle Ovid Technologies' WebSPIRS. My university uses it to serve APA's PsychINFO db.
  • Organization of American History Recent Scholarship Database
  • http://wok.mimas.ac.uk/
  • I would like to see the US Department of Energy's Web-based Energy Citations database added to your list of compatible sites.

    I would also like to see the international version, ETDEWeb, added, too.
  • I would like to see the MLA International Bibliography supported, and Philosopher's Index (CSA).
  • Can I also add my vote for http://wok.mimas.ac.uk/
  • I'd like to see the University of San Francisco added.
  • first of all, thank you for this very nice tool

    I would like to see the "Recherche" pages of Gallica

  • I have a question. Zotero doesn't currently work with MadCat, the library catalog at UW-Madison (http://madcat.library.wisc.edu/). Since MadCat is a WebVoyage/Voyager product like the Library of Congress catalog, most likely MadCat just has to be tweaked to work with Zotero. Anybody have any ideas or could point me to any documentation about Voyager and Zotero?
  • I would love to see some more European or specifically German catalogues, for example:

    http://www.gbv.de/gsomenu/?id=home&ln=en (joint catalogue of several state libraries)

    http://www.d-nb.de/eng/sammlungen/kataloge/opac.htm (the German national library)
  • I'd give my left arm for the ACM Portal (portal.acm.org). After that, I'd put in a bid for IEEE Xplore.

    (Hi, Josh!)
  • can zotero process non-Western language?

    please add these sites to your compatible list:


  • Would love to see the National Library of New Zealand catalogue added to the list:
  • wikipedia
    answers.com - they have a "cite it" button, this might prove useful, to zotero
  • it would be cool, if zotero, could export to word, or any text editor.

    ps, for that online stoage thing i here about, it wold be cool if it were with some big guys, like delicious, google, ect...
  • critical inquiry

  • pretendant: Zotero currently can process non-Western languages without problems. We are currently adding a number of site translators for libraries outside the English-speaking world.
  • Congratulations for a fantastic tool!!!
    My desiderarata is a Spanish bibliography page

    Thanks in advance

    Miguel García-Bermejo
  • Thanks for your great tool! Integration with the Virtual Laboratory at the Max-Planck-Institute for the History of Science


    would be very nice. I also agree with Cantello that I'd like to have translations for some German catalogues. If you need any help with (language) translations let me know.

  • ISI Web of Knowledge, and I'll be grateful forever!

    Since ISI basically has everything ever published in natural sciences, the rest is cosmetics, but life would be easier if there was direct support for sites like Nature, Science, ScienceDirect, Optics InfoBase, Physical Review Online Archive, arXiv.org, EprintWeb.org, IEEE Xplore...
  • This may be frivolous but what about LibraryThing (http://www.librarything.com). They now have a pretty substantial bibliographic database.
  • In Zotero 1.0.0b2.r1 OhioLink and my university library catalog now work. Yea! and Thanks! I will certainly introduce Zotero to my colleagues now.

    Still a problem with quotes around article titles, but I've noted that in another discussion category.
  • Another vote for CSA Illumina -- I'd guess the most-used interface to PsycInfo and philosopher's index.
  • The British Library: http://www.bl.uk/
  • I'd appreciate it if Zotero could translate information from:

    Both have clearly labeled bibliographic information before articles. I didn't notice the ability for Zotero to autodetect from these databases.
  • Jstor seems inconsistent. Certain views work, others don't. I usually follow the "article information" link (or something like that) to get Zotero to detect the bib. info.
  • Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try it.
  • Allow me to correct myself: I first follow the "article information" link, then click on the title of the article again. Then Zotero detects it.
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