Upload accepted - waiting for sync server

  • I just started seeing a similar error but mine hangs on "Getting updated data from sync server"

    I have LittleSnitch installed and there is almost no traffic between Firefox/Zotero and zotero.org. Every once in a while, there's a blip of traffic to api.zotero.org. It's been spinning for about 30 minutes and I have tried quitting/restarting firefox.
  • now honestly...this starts to get annoing.

    I'm sure that lots of people are syncing during the day and normally here it was fine in the morning...but now i just want to upload 3 or 4 entries and it keeps spinning and spinning.

    Dont get me wrong, but why do I need this Zotero-server? why can't the libary be synced with my webdav as well as the files? (I'm not sharing anything on the Zoteropage, so I dont see why I should upload the libary there)
  • scheussi: We're performing server updates (specifically because it's an off-peak time). Syncs are still going through, but it'll be a little slow for a little while. This happens very rarely.
  • Is there a reason you are paying attention to the sync indicator? If you've updated to Zotero 2.0.3, then there should be no negative effects of having a running sync. Just pay no mind -- syncs go through. Don't worry about it. If something doesn't work while syncs are running, post a description of the problem in a new thread.

    If your syncs consistently don't go through, post in a new thread. Syncing in and of itself isn't a bad thing.
  • Ah yes...Just saw the message in Zotero about the Updates.But thx for the quick answer.
  • Hi Dan,

    I've been waiting a fair amount of time too now, without result. Any chance you could check? I've not managed to upload anything for a while now, with different error messages, but the latest one is as described by everyone else in this thread.

  • Trying to sync with Zotero server to be able to access my files on desktop from laptop. This has been going on several hours now and wondering if there is a problem? How long does this usually take? Also, if another user on home computer has a zotero account will files be mixed or do they remain separate by user accounts? Thanks for any help.
  • I just intalled Zotero (v. 2.0.3) for the first time, and added three docs or so. The first sync went right through. Then I created a group, dragged the docs to the group. Now I have the spinning arrow with the usual message 'Upload accepted - waiting for sync server'. Is there a way of stopping and restarting the sync? I tried restarting ffox to no avail.

    Thanks for all your great work. The PDF metadata pull works great.
  • Hi Dan,

    I had read that, but because my wait (seemed?) longer than three hours, and I've been trying to sync for some weeks without success (which may have been to an unstable internet connection) I wrote... but it's all done now, so thanks...

  • may someone help me? I am new to this. I have been waiting for much longer that three hours for a sync. Is this a continual problem with this service? I noticed this message thread.
  • hcharles: Restart Firefox and try again. If you still have nothing synced after waiting an hour, start a new thread.
  • if I restart firefox will I lose my tabs and info in the library?
  • this is a continuous problem? It seems to have happened last night continuing into today after a successful upload (for which I have to resart firefox once again) will I always have to restart firefox? Is there another service you may be aware of similar to this besides "onenote?"
  • Like I said, if you're having problems, start a new thread.
  • I have been unable to sync for 15 hours
  • hcharles: A new thread does not mean a new post in this thread. Go to forums.zotero.org and click "Start a new discussion".

    I'm closing this thread.
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