Upload accepted - waiting for sync server

  • I also have the problem with "Sync with Zotero server" spinning continuously. I gave it about a week of occasional attempts at updates without progress. I recently reinstalled both Firefox and Zotero but I still see the problem. I have other computers setup similarly using webdav (jungledisk) and they seem fine.
  • I have successfully synced a 1 item test library, but my 1,100 item library has never successfully synced (database only, no files, first tried over a year ago and gave up). I've frequently left Firefox running for 8+ hours overnight, but still have the "upload accepted" message, and only my single test file shows up online. Can this really just be the busy server, or is another problem at play?
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    My issue was resolved at the thread:
    Seemingly it was reset at Zotero HQ. While it fixed the problem on my home desktop, I now have a similar problem on my laptop, although it says something like "automatic sync caused a conflict requiring a manual sync"
    Update: the manual sync succeeded.
  • How do I get Zotero HQ to reset it? I've tested my account extensively on PC and Mac machines, and the only time it will sync is when Zotero is first installed. If I delete the CHNM starter guide or add a single test item, the sync hangs.
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    Hello! I think I'm having the same issue - the little arrow is busily spinning away with the message "Upload accepted - waiting for sync server". I am a first-time Zotero user (this is day two for me!), so forgive my ignorance as far as knowing how long syncing should take. :-P I uploaded quite a few files (257) in one day, so I'm assuming that is causing the delay, although I did let Zotero run overnight and it is still waiting for the sync server. Is this normal? Or do I have something else going on that I need to fix?

    Thanks much!

    EDIT: Finally finished the sync! Hooray!
  • I have been having the same problem off and on for a while. Sometimes the sync goes through quickly and sometimes gets stuck for several minutes or even hours. Usually it eventually goes, but started a sync last Friday that still has not finished. Error report #2014198881

  • I'm having the same problem:
    "upload accepted - waiting for sync server" & the spinner just keeps spinning.
    I'm trying this at 6pm so maybe your server is just overloaded. But I can't imagine it's a large sync - I've only added a few papers today.
    To be fair I've only been waiting 30 mins so far but i want to go home!
    Is this normal?

    I'd be happy if it gave me some clue as to how long i'll be waiting - from reading this forum i could be waiting all night!

    Am tempted to try removing all my tags to see if that speeds things up (i never use them anyway).

    Any progress on opening the source for the server - then i can sync straight to home.
  • To be fair I've only been waiting 30 mins so far but i want to go home!
    Go home. Your upload will be processed within half an hour or so even if you close Firefox, and, unless there's a very unusual problem with your upload, your items will be waiting for you.

    Maximum queue time is currently about an hour at the busiest times (mid-day Eastern U.S.) and much less all other times.
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    First, have you checked if your new items have appeared in your library online? If so, you can close Firefox and go home. In general, sync times should be quite short these days, so you should restart Firefox if it seems to get stuck at "Upload accepted"-- if I'm not mistaken, restarting will not make you lose your place in the queue, and I've been told the queue is usually quite short anyway.

    [edit: What Dan said.]
  • Sadly Dan that didn't work! I didn't have the presence of mind to check online to see if it had appeared. I'll try restarting next time & see what happens.

    Is there a way of getting more info about what is going on behind the scenes with the synchronization?
  • Really? Your most recent items on the server were added to Zotero 2 hours and 15 minutes ago. Are those not the items in question?
  • Sorry Dan - you're right. It does seem to have synced the library - but it didn't then go on and upload the files to box.net. How can i troubleshoot why it stalled between these two steps? Would it work better on your servers?
  • Ah, well, sorry—if you closed Firefox on the uploading computer, it wouldn't continue to file sync, which takes place after metadata syncing and relies on the client. But it will upload those files the next time you sync from that computer.
  • The plot thickens! In its wisdom - the university appears to have blocked box.net. Guess this might cause some problems with my syncing! (although somehow it just seemed to do it)
  • Is it possible just to sync your group library and not your other library? I don't want to keep everyone waiting for my 'syncing'.

  • Is it possible that this problem is exacerbated when two different members of the same project group are on line and using the same library at the same time? We have noticed that when one person gets offline, the sync goes through. Otherwise, we love using a group library!
  • Saddly the same problem here since last week. Was trying to sync the whole day, but nothing happend.
  • Hello! I think I'm having the same issue - the little arrow is busily spinning away with the message "Upload accepted - waiting for sync server" and I can't add items to the library. I get an error message the says "Could not Save Item" any thoughts on this issue?
  • Similar problem here--it's been over 24 hours and my laptop still won't sync, the little arrow goes round and round, and stuff I added from my laptop doesn't show up on the server (unlike stuff I've added from my desktop, which sync'd fine). Also, I've gotten (and responded to) a request to reconcile different versions of notes, on my laptop, but that didn't seem to do anything. Same request showed up again, and I responded again.
  • mbroida: You have nothing queued right now. What does it say when you hover over the sync icon? Restart Firefox and try again.

    Also, you shouldn't really get a conflict resolution more than once unless you're actually getting a sync error afterward.
  • You're right, I had a couple of error messages day before yesterday after the reconciliations. Then it reverted to the "upload accepted--waiting for sync server."

    Yesterday after your email the hover-message was "getting updated data from sync"--and the sync stopped with a msg "last synch. not yet synced" and an error msg "Conflicts have suspended automatic syncing. Click the sync icon to resolve them." I did, got the same 2 conflicts as the prior day, resolved them, then the whole process repeated. After 2 iterations of this I got an error msg telling me to perform a full sync on the sync reset pane. I did, it ended after a minute and then the same error msg and instruction repeated. I trired another full sync, with the same result.

    Was I supposed to hit the "reset" button at the lower left of the full sync page? I didn't.

    Today my laptop data's still not synced with my desktop. Right now the hover message is "upload accepted-waiting for sync server."

    Thanks for your thoughts!
  • The message means what it says. You have a large upload that's waiting to be processed on the server. If you get an error when it finishes, tell us what it says and also provide a Report ID. Turn off auto-sync while you're trying to resolve this.
  • I am having the same problem. I can't sync. It has been trying for 30 minutes. Please help!
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    Adam: You have a queued upload from two minutes ago.
  • Dan--This morning I have an error sign over the Zotero icon on my desktop (the one that wasn't showing the new additions to my libe)--says "there was an error starting Zotero. I unclicked auto-sync on the laptop but no opp'ty to do so on desktop.
  • mbroida: Start a new thread.
  • I only just started using Zotero this week, but the situation described in the OP seems to happen to me rather frequently. The little green arrow spins and spins showing "getting updated data from sync server", but nothing seems to happen (like now, for example). Other times everything completes without a hitch in half a minute.
  • I've been having this problem as well. Is it normal to add 10-15 sources and then have it wait more than an hour to sync?
    This has been a problem for me because I use my laptop at the library. Today I added about 10 sources and it gave me the "Upload accepted -- waiting for sync server" message and the arrow spun around for about 30 minutes. But at that point I had to leave the library, so I guess it didn't go through. So at home I had to boot up the laptop (I usually use my desktop at home, which I sync to as well) and had to plug in the Internet cable to the laptop and let it run again. Now I've been waiting about 1.5 hours and it's still telling me the upload was accepted and it's waiting.
  • It does seem to be the case that the sync indicator can occasionally be wrong. Syncs of that size should not take that long (>30 minutes), even at peak times of day. Try restarting Firefox; that shouldn't slow down the sync, and will clear an erroneously spinning indicator. (And if that fixes it, and you can reliably make the indicator "stick", post here so we can try to pin down why it's getting stuck spinning.)

    I generally don't pay attention to the sync status -- my items make it from one place to another, and they don't disappear. It does seem to sync an awful lot, I agree there.
  • ok, restarting Firefox worked... I was just worried I'd somehow lose my place "in line" if I restarted!

    This time after I restarted, it didn't talk about the "Upload accepted -- waiting for sync server." For a split second it said something about actually uploading to the server, then it said it was getting something from the server for about 2 minutes or so. At that point, it stopped and the sync had worked!

    Thank you. I guess it's a matter of trying again and giving it a few minutes (but not an hour)
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