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  • Two years later, likewise for me. I agree though that dragging and dropping would be much better than moving one step at a time. Is there somewhere to suggest updates and to track progress? We can't be the only ones to have been frustrated by n…
  • Sorry to increase the length of the public discussion but I just wanted to thank adamsmith for the link.
  • I agree with Heckscher above, that the Zotero web based access is really pretty good even on an Android phone, and it does most of what I need on the move. Until there is a fully developed Android app I think this is all I shall need. I haven't…
  • This is quite an old thread but I don't see it repeated and certainly no solution to the problem of duplicate author names. I too have problems with multiple versions of the same author, such as J.A. Bloggs, Jo A.Bloggs, Jo Bloggs, etc. It must wa…
  • Brilliant and thank you. That worked for me too. It may be obvious but all I'd add is that you need to have Firefox open for the Zotero Connector for Chrome to recognise the reference
  • I have the same comment. For me and others don't work in Chrome but do in Firefox extension. I am careful to ensure that Chrome is not open when ZoteroSA is loaded but it seems to ma…
  • Sorry Firefox 3.6. I did as suggested - same behaviour. Then I uninstalled Zotero 2.1, rebooted computer and reinstalled into Firefox - same thing. Finally, I wondered if I should restore the database from online - it worked, now back up an…
  • Thanks for the questions/suggestions. "Suddenly stopped loading" means the program doesn't appear after clicking the EXE file. There is however a zotero process listed in the Task Manager and it is continuously using 50-70% of the processor and ev…
  • PS Maybe should have added that I'm running under Vista