Reorder authors

There should be an easier way to reorder the authors of an entry. Right now, if I want to move an author below another, I have to remove all the authors in between and add them again!
  • Click the "Author" (or "Editor", etc.) role dropdown and choose "move down/up".
  • @djross3 Nice! I did not know about this. Thanks. Drag & drop would be even nicer, though.
  • It is sort of buried in there. I only recently discovered it myself, after doing exactly what you describe and re-inserting authors many times before.
  • Two years later, likewise for me. I agree though that dragging and dropping would be much better than moving one step at a time.

    Is there somewhere to suggest updates and to track progress? We can't be the only ones to have been frustrated by not knowing that you could reorder the authors.
  • This forum is where feature requests are made. The developers read every thread.
  • I have found now this problem with a very big list of authors. If not dragging and dropping, another improvement beyond "move up/down" would be allow to choose a number "n" and "move n up/down".
  • @iagogv: You could try using Zutilo's "Copy item fields" and "Paste all item fields" for this, see here. Edit the creators in the JSON data with a text editor or a tool like, which allows dragging and dropping.
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